Monday, October 31, 2016

Studied at the Library of Congress

     Oh my goodness this week was great! We started out the week gardening for a member of our bishopric. Which I was so happy to do (plus they are amazing), which surprised me because that's all my mom made Strat & me do. Love you mom! We ended up locking ourselves out of the church & our house this week. Thank goodness for members & missionaries! Haha oh good times. People here LOVE their Halloween, like for reals it's insane. Their yards are full with blowup toys & tombs. Happy Halloween everyone 👻 We are figuring out how awkward we are. Sister Alldredge said, "We're already awkward, so why not make it worse." Embracing the awkwardness is the greatest thing ever. Always gives you something to laugh about. 😂
     While we were tracting we kept running into the mailman so we ended up chatting with him, more like we listened as he expressed his feelings. He had already delivered the mail for that apartment so I said I'm gonna set this book in your basket. He gave it back to me & I just put it back in his postal box & testified, what I could as he was talking. It was awesome having him walk away with a Book of Mormon!! Got ya! The power of the BOM is incrediable.  Also my vertical is slowly getting better as we practice getting pretty leaves from tall trees! Improvements. But the trees here are gorgeous!!
     When we got locked out our plans to go to Arlington were destroyed, so we ended up going close to our house. We checked on potentials & knocked around them. We knocked on a women's door. She is amazing. She has 2 English BOMs, so we ran to our car to get a Spanish book. She hugged it and was so happy to finally be able to understand it better. It was the the best. So many plans fall through, but miracles always happen. God's will is always better than our will. I've learned that over & over again. As we were on exchanges we taught the Restoration to a mother. When we extended the baptismal invite she said she knows she needs to & will, but she is terrified of water. So once she works on her fear, she will be baptized. I love the people here. God is so amazing & I hope all of you have a strong relationship with him. If not just say a prayer of thanks & you soon will realize everything he is given you. Look for His hand, i promise it  makes life easier.
     Today we left early this morning to make it to D.C. to study. We got a card that allows you to go study in the main dome at the Library of Congress. So we did our studies there!! It was amazing. We were able to read their Books of Mormon & other Mormon material. They had a first edition Book of Mormon that was signed by Joseph Smith & Martin Harris. Amazing. Lots of people come to look at it too, which is cool! It was a dream come true. Nothing beats that! Then we took a tour of the capital. They are setting up for the election, crazy! Ahh I love serving here & I love you all!! Have a great week. 💗

xoxo, sister jensen

Monday, October 24, 2016

awards, blessings, & baptisms

     Hello hello! It has been a crazy, busy, fun week! We had zone conference Tuesday & we had car inspections & guess who got the cleanest car award?! We did!! & plus we tied with my MTC comp, so it was an amazing day because our reward was homemade chocolate chip cookies! Then we did English class & the guy I was working with knew quite a bit of English so we were working on sentences. He asked does this sentences make sense, "Huge people are hanging out together." Haha I had to explain to him it might be better to say a lot of people. He was adorable & confused! Then he asked about what do you think happens after this life so I got to explain a little of the Plan of Salvation. It was so cool! Also one day this week we had to go to service a little early & my hair wasn't quite dry, so as I was driving my head was outside the window trying to dry my hair. It kinda worked... haha!

     We were able to attend a family ward this Sunday, (children!!!) because a YSA was baptized in their ward but comes to our ward, so we went to see him get confirmed. I miss family wards! The primary program was adorable, & the Spirit you felt was so strong!
     Also, another cool experience was we were walking to our car at the end of the night & this woman yells hey where do you guys live? Come to find out she is inactive but helps the missionaries out a lot. She is the greatest. So she texted us & wanted a blessing so we called the Elders to come give a blessing. It was amazing! & she fed us dinner, what's better than that?!
     Oh & we were calling potentials in our area book & this girl answers & tells us she goes to BYU. Amazing! She isn't baptized, but she sure will be one day!

     Miracle: We attended 2 baptisms on Saturday! It was so so cool. Baptisms are thee greatest. One women that got baptized survived cancer & her story was amazing. After we talked to her she told Sister Alldredge & me that there are people out there that need us. It was a testimony builder for sure. Really taught me to just keep working as hard as I can to find those who are prepared! God has helped so much to get to this point in my life, so why not keep trusting in him. I know He has lead us all to this amazing point in our lives, so keep trusting in Him & I know amazing things will come of it.
Miracles are happening here & I'm still enjoying my mission so much!

I love you guys all so much! Have a great week 😊

xoxo, sister Jensen

Zone pic w/ President & Sister Huntsman, ALL my companions (minutes Elder Baxter in the back), my adorable comp, I love these sisters, MTC crew serving in the same zone!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Blessed to serve in D.C.!

     Hey everyone!! This week was crazy! We did a ton of fun things. I seriously am so blessed to serve here. We did a lot of service this week & as we were walking to the outdoor 1700's fall festival (which was so so cool) we walked past the CIA. No joke, the CIA. It was amazing! (Would've taken a picture, but can't) Today for pday we went for a bike ride along the Potomac River. Oh my gosh, I am in love with D.C. On one side you could see all of D.C. & on the other side was the Pentagon & the Arlington cemetery. I am blessed to have God choose me to serve here. The leaves are changing & my comp & I are so so happy! Can't believe it's fall! Time is going too fast. Last night we found dirt in our apartment, that we know wasn't from us, so Sister Alldredge grabs her shoes & was ready to attack whoever was in our house like hard core, we never found anyone, surprise! But I was just dying laughing at her because she was super terrified. Haha life is so great!
     We also helped the zone leaders film a video for zone training & we filmed it in the gym & were all pumped up about scripture study, teaching, and planning! They related it to P90X and so when it was my turn be on camera the ZL was chatting & I was doing the easy version of things like the 1st lesson, simple planning, etc. But the entire time I said yes! Yes! Yes! Then we watched it as a zone & I was annoyed of myself & everyone keeps saying yes to me. Haha I was just too pumped for missionary work!
     Missions are the best. I love those moments when you get lost or something happens & it messes up your plans & you end up somewhere else. (Getting lost is an hourly thing on these crazy VA roads) Then after you talk to people around you & you find out that you were needed there for that specific person. This has happened to me countless of times & every time a blessing comes out of our mistakes. Those are the moments that you seem to remember. After much opposition there comes a blessing, every time! You will never be deprived of the blessings, if you do everything you can. They may come in this life or the life to come, but nonetheless God keeps His promises to you.
Missionary work is the greatest & I am blessed to be able to be called to His work & to the people here. There are so many different language barriers every single second, but the people here are amazing. I love you all!! Hope you have a great week.

xoxo, sister jensen

Pics:  Sister's lunch, chinchilla, 1700's festival, when you can't go into your ward mission leaders house you take pics, the Potomac River!

Once a dancer, always a dancer!

Monday, October 10, 2016

You look happy!

     Hello my people! How are you all?! I hope great. Oh my goodness so much has changed this week! We had transfers so I got a new comp, Sister Alldredge!! She is AMAZING. I love her so much. She is from Kanab, UT. (Surprise, UT, all missionaries are from UT (; ) but I am staying here in the amazing Langley Young Single Adult ward!! So I get to drive now, YAY, & my first day we end up taking a toll road! Haha dang east coast...
     We had a missionary stake breakfast & President Burton (in the mission presidency) shook my hand & said, "You look happy!" haha so cute. But that is what missions do to you! Happy Happy Happy! Oh plus you know you're a missionary when you can't wait to see what the titles of the General Conference talks are. Haha oh the tender mercies!
     We were listening to a song this week that said, "You gave your life, to give me mine." (Talking about Jesus) That has stuck with me all week. The atonement is AMAZING and is central to everything we believe in. My love grows every single day for the Savior and His sacrifice. I could go on & on about how amazing the atonement is, because it is truly the greatest event that has ever happened. Ever.
     Our ward had 4 investigators at church this week! Which is a miracle!!! 1 was the Elders, & 3 were from other wards. They aren't ours but they are on date in other wards so it's great to see the work move forward! We're all on the same team right?! Hope that made sense! Miracles happen, the church is true.
     I love you all. Thanks for everything! Keep up the good work. You'll be blessed because of it.

xoxo, sister jensen

Pics:  Falls National Park! One side is Virginia & one side is Maryland, so pretty! I was so dang happy to be in the woods again!  Old zone.

Monday, October 3, 2016


     Hey hey heyyyyyy everyone!! I hope you all had a great week! This week flew by, maybe because we spent 4 days in the car shop. We obviously had a lot of car troubles... needless to say the car shop has gotten to know our names so that's a plus! We had flat tires, a dead battery, and a taillight out. But it just makes me super grateful for how blessed I am. It's been raining a TON here which makes me so so happy! Sometimes it's just a mist, which is so pretty! Also it's very casual to see bunnies in people's front yard, ahh its thee cutest thing ever.
     I hope you guys watched conference! It was amazing!!! It was sure was weird not being home eating my mother's yummy cinnamon rolls! There were so many good talks that it is hard to choose my favorite. One talk that we all can learn so much from and truly feel of God & Christ's love for us is the talk given by Russell M. Nelson, President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. He talks about Joy! What better subject than joy, right?! "He says we can have joy with what is & what isn't happening." I LOVE that. That is such a strong powerful statement to find joy in  and love our current situation/life. I know that as we become closer to Jesus Christ the more we find true joy. "Our pain and our suffering is all swallowed up in the joy of Jesus Christ." Joy is a gift to us because of what Jesus Christ has done for us. "Because He is on my right hand, I shall not be moved." I know that with the help of our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ we will be able to accomplish the impossible. Everyone keep pushing forward in faith and love for our dear Savior. The Lord will bless you & your efforts.  I have felt the blessings in my own life multiple times. I know I wouldn't be able to do missionary work without the love and blessings from our Savior. Life would be a lot harder without His help. Keep up the good work everyone!! (:

     I love you all so so much. Have a great week! If we do what's right, we have no need to fear. 

xoxo, sister jensen

Pics:  Conference, car probs, district meeting, the amazing sunsets here!