Monday, September 25, 2017

One by One

Hola familia & amigos! Honestly like always, I can't remember much of what happened this week. We had zone conference which is ALWAYS a good uplifting time. 


The other day I told Sister Calvert that I felt like I was 90 years old & she said, "Well in mission age you are like 75!" Haha great thanks for the youth love πŸ’— 


So this year as a mission we are focusing on becoming a 2.0 mission. Meaning that every missionary has 2 baptisms this year. At the end of last year we were at 1.0 & guess where we are now?! 1.8!!! Heck yes! It just proves to me that hard work, faith, & a lot of obedience pays off. We are so close. (: Out of the 34 missions in our regional area we are #3 for the most baptizing mission. What an accomplishment in Northern Virginia. Seriously love this mission! I know this is where God needs me to be. 


So in my scripture reading I am at 3 Nephi 11!! So this is where Jesus Christ appears to a group of people called the Nephites in the ancient Americas! The part that stuck out to me today was 11:15 where it says, "And it came to pass that the multitude went forth, and thrust their hands into his side, and did feel the prints of the nails in his hands and in his feet; and this they did do, going forth ONE BY ONE until they had all gone forth, and did see with their eyes and did feel with their hands," 


Christ let EVERYONE feel his hands ONE BY ONE, which to me symbolizes him suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane for us ONE BY ONE. & that's how he truly knows exactly what we are going through! I could rant about this whole chapter for an hour, but too bad for you I'm running out of time (; I KNOW Jesus Christ lives more than ever. I know he feels in the little aches of our hearts. He is my everything & I am so grateful that he has called me to do HIS work among HIS children. 


xoxo, sister Jensen

  • Jesus blessing the children ONE BY ONE πŸ’— doesn't that just pull at the heart strings? 
  • Sister Hunstman gave everyone CTR rings! #blessings 
  • Stuffed wedding bags with our investigator Bianca (she's a wedding planner)!! I was so excited. On exchanges with Hermana Porter, 3 weeks into the field & she's amazing. 
  • Boonies of our area!!! Closest thing to home πŸ’— 
  • Pday adventures: Air & Space Smithsonian!! (Dulles international airport) super cool museum. 
 Have a great week everyone. Make good choices (:

Monday, September 18, 2017

My week through pictures!

Wow. What a week. Sorry I just keep getting more & more lazy in emailing so this week you get pictures, yay! & of course a spiritual note because what's a missionary with out always having a scripture to share? 

First things first I forgot to tell you all Sister Calvert & share a birthday!!! So cool right?! February 12th is thee best day ever. 

Second, I got asked if I was on TV! Who knew I have a face of many talents... lots of ethnicities & a super star. I can't complain πŸ‘

In the first verse of the Book of Mormon it says, "I, Nephi, having been born of goodly parents, therefore I was taught somewhat in all the learning of my father; and having seen many afflictions in the course of my days, NEVERTHELESS, having been highly favored of the Lord in all my days; yea, having had a great knowledge of the goodness and the mysteries of God, therefore I make a record of my proceedings in my days."

Nephi is a prophet of the Lord. One of my favorite. Nephi is large in stature & has incredible faith. His story is AMAZING. But I love that it says, NEVERTHELESS. Even a GREAT prophet of the Lord has trials & struggles, but with the attitude of nevertheless everything worked out. His faith always stepped in & he accomplished some pretty impossible things. When we are constantly worrying our faith diminishes. Have faith. Trust God. & believe in good things to come & have the nevertheless attitude (: 

xoxo, sister jensen 

  • Exchanges with the Centreville sisters!! 
  • Crushing Alfalfa on a horse ranch. I only freaked out a little bit πŸ˜‚ 
  • Saw my Bestie again. It makes my week! 
  • While pulling weeds the bugs would not leave us alone... I would say photogenic.
  • Virginia ALWAYS has sidewalks that end randomly. 
  • Sister Von Savoye, a good friend, & I showed up to a baptism wearing like the exact same thing. I died laughing. πŸ˜‚
  • Sister Calvert & I πŸ’— (my companion now, I would be confused with all the different sister pictures I send home) 
  • PUPUSAS!!!!! @ our amazing investigators Leo's house. I made two & I would say I did a heck of a job😊 only because I had the best teacher, Leo's mom. 
  • Vball. Took a couple tries to not laugh! 
  • Sister Roberts & I (old companion) can never stop laughing! πŸ˜‚ LOVE HER 

Monday, September 11, 2017

"I just got to know...What are these tags for?"

Hello!!! It was a long week, but its all good here in Clifton, VA!! Love this place, the ward, & my cute companion. 

- #1: it's sweater weather... way way excited about that! πŸ’—

- #2: yesterday morning at our ward council I got asked to fill in for the youth speaker that cancelled.... so that was fun speaking in sacrament last minute! Also we taught the 2nd hour.... so I'm kinda sick of my own voice. πŸ‘ I talked about testimonies & how we need to continue to strengthen them & be on a steep learning curve because we each have our own individual testimonies that we NEED to share with those around us. God places these people in our path for a reason, so that we can help build the Kingdom of God around us. (: 

- #3: We attended catholic mass!! One of our investigators families is very Catholic. So in order to soften their hearts, hopefully, we got permission to attend. It was great! One guy after in the parking lot was like, "I just got to know, what are these tags for?" Haha so missionary opportunity right there my friends, booya!! 

- #4: Lucy is a women who stopped her car got out, chased us down, because she met with missionaries in another area & had recently moved & wanted missionaries to come & visit her! We told her the sisters that cover her area & she knew one who was teaching her in her past are & she was so so excited to meet with her again! Miracles of being in the right place at the right time. 

- #5: We walked on Saturday morning to check on a potential & Lucy was the one to answer the door. She let us right in AND invited her roommate to join! SO COOL. We taught the Restoration & are going back to teach them. They are from Nigeria & so sweet. 

hope you all have a good week. love you all lots & lots. 

xoxo, sister jensen 

Members motorcycle... just tryin to be like the cool kids. 
You have GREAT WORTH. 
ate this furry little nut thing.... twas good. 
For the Elder Lucas fans! Only Morgan rep. out here now... sad. 
Missionary leadership sisters!! Love them all so much. Besties for life. 
Our fav. friend!! 
Catholic Mass 
The old town of Clifton adventures πŸ’— 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Heyyyyyy! So this week was seriously AMAZING!!! Don't have any time this week, but here is a VERY little snipit of my week:

First, we went to the temple today for our once in 6 months. & that was so good. I LOVE the spirit in the temple. Our relief society president & family took us as well as bishop & his family! It was a party!! πŸ€— I also saw a lot a lot of people from my past areas & so did Sister Winward. So that was so fun!! You don't realize how much you love the people until you see them again. My heart is seriously over filling with love!!!!

Second, I will be going to Clifton!! That's in Centreville for those of you who care πŸ˜‚ I will be with SISTER CALVERT, who I am SO EXCITED to be companions with. We called it months ago that we would be companions! πŸ’— I will still be a sister training leader there, so I'm excited about that. I am SO sad to leave Quantico, but I'm excited to love my new ward just as much. 

Third, I've never seen anything like this before. Our new contact blows my mind. So we get out of dinner & the streets are busy, yay!!!, & we start talking to people. After we talked to everybody who was out I just felt like we needed to keep walking, so we talk to a couple more people turn around to come back & leave, when we run into a new contact. This was Wednesday & we met with him every day since & he came to church!!! He loved church & said he has lots more buddies now. He basically does his homework & then teaches us the lessons. He is on date for October 14! & I'm so excited to come back for that!!!😊 so it just strengthened my testimony that the prepared people will listen. The prepared people come. The Lord's hand is on His work! I LOVE IT!! πŸ’— 


 xoxo, sister jensen

September 4, 2017

BEST. DISTRICT. MEETING. EVER. I wish I could tell you ALL about it! (Our district leader made records of people we both taught like a year ago for this activity. So cool!) 
Sister Woolston is dying (going home)... 😒 
Trio companion study with the Hermanas on the play ground πŸ’— 
When Jules takes the pic & accidentally cuts himself out πŸ˜‚ 
Will πŸ’— he was heartbroken when we told him I was leaving... aww it broke my heart. 
MY BEST FRIEND, SIS. TANKERSLY (I'm should sound familiar by now) 
Love these sisters. We went to an AMAZING mission fireside last night, where 2 of the people I taught spoke about their conversion story! πŸ’— 
Temple today with my best friend, Sister Winward πŸ€— 
The Gutzwillers!!!! My favs, sad to leave them. They have enough energy for all of us πŸ’— 
When you have no time to shop on pday because of the temple (best problem to have) bishop has to drop you off to shop for literally 2 seconds. Why don't we have bags you might ask? Because an East coast store Aldis doesn't do bags!! Love it. 
 MY testimony & love for Our Savior grows everyday. I am SO grateful for the chance I have to serve HIM & to be on His errand.  πŸ’—

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

adventures of the week

Hello hello!! Hope your week was GREAT!! 

Here's some highlights/quotes of the week: (I hope you get a good laugh, because I'm dying laughingπŸ˜‚

•Got a some what famous basketball players signature. He plays for San Juan, Puerto Rico. Also, he's been to our church before in New York & we gave him Book of Mormon, so I like him 10x more πŸ€— 
•I was told by someone from Uruguay that I have good pronunciation on my Spanish! Thank goodness, I've been working on the same phrase for over a year now! πŸ˜‚ She is a mom of one of our members & she said, "It's time to make Mormons!" Meaning go convert everybody you see. So cute!! 
• We were told by one of our Muslim friends to go kick *** out there. Haha wow okay thanks for the confidence, haha! (Haven't heard that in awhile, I like our bubble) 
•Jules, our recent convert, was talking about spreading the Gospel & he said, "This is our work too!" How sweet is that! He is truly converted. All of us members have something to learn from that statement. πŸ’— 
•ALSO, a members way of doing missionary work is putting solo pictures of me as a profile picture & cover photo on FB.... Haha! (They aren't flattering photos btw) I guess that's uhh one way to do it. 
•One of our neighbors, Jackie, was so excited that we were from Utah! She said, "I want to go to Utah so bad! UTAH LOOKS LIKE HEAVEN!!" We were like "AMEN it is!
•This week on Sister Jensen's ethnicity: MONA LISA!! hahaha a guy from Nigeria said I look just like the Mona Lisa. That's a new oneπŸ€— he also said I look Red Indian. Haha once again I'm at like 10+ Native American. They always seem disappointed when I tell them both my parents are white. πŸ˜‚ 

Lately I have been reflecting on Joseph Smith's First Vision. I am blown away by Joseph Smith's humility. His story of searching for a church because there are so many is so relate able to EVERYBODY we meet. I am so grateful for Joseph's experience & the calling I have to share it. From his experience we learn: God & Jesus Christ live & are real, they know OUR name, God hears & answers our prayers, they know the thoughts & feelings of our heart, that God & Christ are two separate beings, & that the heavens aren't sealed. So cool!! I KNOW Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. I am so grateful for him & everything he did for Christ's church. If you don't know Joseph story I invite you to study it. πŸ’—

LOVE YOU ALL!!! Have a good week 😊

xoxo, sister jensen

  • Our famous basketball player autograph πŸ‘ it's gonna be worth millions one day! 
  • 14 months celebration! (Wow time flies) Also please notice my shirt... Jules, a recent convert, who is going into the Army gave it to me! He calls me Sargent Jensen now πŸ˜‚  
  •  The Ridings, our senior couple, is going home 😒 we are so sad!! So we threw them a party!! 
  • We met a friend on the street who let us hold her turtle. Squitle πŸ’— 
  •  Exchanges with Sister Woolston πŸ’— LOVE her so much. 
  • Writing notes to members! I love this ward. 😊 
  • Studies outside, because this weather is AMAZING right now. It feels like fall. #blessed 
  • Best background ever! Bet you couldn't guess its a little trailer in our favorite trailer park! πŸ˜‚ 
  • Our friend Kendall πŸ’— she's 4. She loved our picture we gave her of Jesus & asked us to come over. I wish ALL our investigators were 4 years old. πŸ’—
  •  Prince William National Park hike with some of our fav sisters. 🌲
  • Okay I'm done. Thanks all for bearing with me for so long. You all are loved.