Monday, September 26, 2016

     Oh my goodness hello everyone! It was such an amazing week here in the DC area!! I don't even know where to begin. It's crazy that it is just so casual now to pass Arlington Cemetery, the Pentagon, & to see the Washington Monument, so ya this mission is the greatest!! This week we did a lot of service, which was awesome! We got to volunteer at a huge fall festival, & we were in charge of the pumpkin painting booth. Those little kids had a blast drenching their pumpkin in paint & getting it everywhere on themselves. Adorable. Moms didn't quite think so... Then we baked all sorts of dessert for the nursing home bake sale, so that was a good time! Oh gosh so were walking & a nut fell straight from a tree on my head. Wow, chicken little was coming to life. Hahaha oh Virginia.

We talked to this members daughter, in our stake, (she's like 10) and she said she has already saved up $1,072 ish, if I remember right, for a mission, and she is going to go on  mission after mission until she dies. Ahh so cute! That just made me appreciate my calling as a missionary a lot a lot. So grateful to be here!! I LOVE being a missionary!

     Okay here's for the miracle part. Y'all better be ready... so we were on exchanges with the sister training leaders & we went to check on a potential.  So we ended up talking to everyone & knocking a couple doors in that area & we ended up handing out 10, yes 10 copies of the Book of Mormon. So we got them 6 new investigators and handed out 9 copies of the BOM in 1 hour!!! This is unheard of. Than later that night no one was answering, & i just really really wanted to hand out 1 more. (I already spoiled it that we got 1 more) So I saw a light on and said were going. Sister Adair said she has knocked that before, but we can knock it again. This guy answered and quickly needed to go attended to his daughter, so as he is closing the door I held my arm out with the book and said, "Can I give you this?" & he took it!!! Sister Adair testified as he was shutting the door. Than we had a little dance party outside his door. Ahhhh miracles happen, after so much faith, prayers, & work. I know that God hears & answers our prayers. I was so humbled & amazed.

     When I was with Sister Adair we had a lesson with a recent convert. As we were outside, there was a man that passed & boy did he want to tell us what's up. Then the RC held out his BOM & said, "Touch the Book you'll feel good. You'll have a better day 'cause you touched it." What a powerful testimony of a recent convert. Ahh I love this so much!! I know this to be true. My life goes much more smoothly when I read from the Book of Mormon. You can just feel the power & the truthfulness.

     Shout out to Morgan Stake for singing in the General Woman's session! I was so dang excited, and so was everyone else who knows that Morgan is my hometown. Tender mercy. Speaking of General conference it's coming up! I encourage you all to watch it!! I am so dang excited. It's gonna be amazing!! I know you will find answers to your prayers that you have been looking for.

I love you all so so much. Have a blessed happy week! Make good choices!
xoxo, sister jensen

Monday, September 19, 2016

Talent Show Superstars!

     Oh my goodness guys so much happened this week! It's pouring rain right now, which makes me so gosh darn happy. So we decided it's a great day to go shopping! There are a lot of malls in our area, so Sister Willes & I are pretty happy!

     Random/funny events that happened this week we were at Olive Garden with members and the waiter came over & said, "She's in training." I looked at him strange & was about to turn & say how did you know that? Until I realized that he was talking about the waitress behind me... haha awkward.
Than later that night i made Sister Willes believe there was an elephant under a tree. I was referring to an elephant that was a car sticker, but she couldn't find it so I made her believe there was an elephant outside. She was looking for it harder & harder & could never find it. She literally thought i was crazy for seeing an elephant. She started panicing because the elephant was walking away. Haha she is so funny & gullible! I ruined it because I broke laughing. I was told by a grandpa at the nursing home that I say amazing a lot! Haha they are thee cutest there. Dominoes with them has become a hobby. They have my heart.

     Now for the best part of the week: Our ward put on a talent show to raise money for a cause. So our ward mission leader signed us & the Elders up to do a talent. So Sister Willes & I replaced the words to little snippets of pop songs (that we could remember) & put a missionary twist on them. So we get on stage set two chairs across from each other & start to practice teach the restoration to each other. Haha. I couldn't see the members, but nobody wants to watch missionaries practice teaching... but we faked them out & jumped out & busted into song. We practiced this a lot during the week & laughing was never a problem. Umm it sure became a problem real fast on stage. I could not stop laughing the entire time. Haha, the ward said that they were crying laughing because we were laughing. It took awhile to get ourselves together & get through the song. I wish I could send the video, but it's way too long. Haha!! Bishop said he was surprised to see us at church & not on tour. Also we were told we are gonna be the next superbowl half time. So please look for us then! One of our members posted it on facebook, so don't be surprised if we go viral. (In our humble opinion)

Saturday night we had a Afghanistan Refugee Stake dinner. It was amazing! The gym was full of a couple members but mostly refugees. It was incrediable to talk to these people! I was honored we could help out. I love living in the DC area. So many nationalities & religions to learn about. I am so blessed to be able to serve here.

     Last week I talked about our goal of handing out 10 Book of Mormons a day, which we are still shooting for, but we overlooked the most amazing part. We gained 2 new investigators! We taught one & he was no longer interested, sadly. We were so focused on our goal that we missed the blessings in the process. But most times we over look or just anxiously await the end, but we hardly focus on the blessings inbetween. You can find blessings in everything! I know if you look for the blessings & God's hand in everything you will see it.

     Good quote of the week: "By becoming the answer to someone's prayer, we often find the answer to our own." -Dieter F. Uchtdorf    Miss you all. Hope all is well!

xoxo, sister Jensen

Monday, September 12, 2016

Come What May & Love It 💗

     Hey hey hey everyone!! Well, I honestly don't remember much of what we did this week. Since I've been on a mission I forget lots of things... thanks mission brain! Just fill it full of the gospel & that's all you need. 😁 But I do know that this week was so so good!! We were able to get a less active to church! I was so dang excited!!
     My comp & I set a goal to hand out 10 Books of Mormon in one day! We worked all last week to get it and only got 2 in one day, nobody wants them sadly, but that's okay because I have learned great faith and prayer! So this week we are ready to dominate our goal. It's gonna be a good time! I handed one to a couple as we were crossing a busy intersection & I was yelling so they could hear me over the sound of the cars explaining what the Book of Mormon is. Sister Willes had to hold back from busting out laughing! Another funny moment was we were cleaning up a pinkish spot on the carpet at a member's house thinking it's fruit punch, turns out it was cat puke... haha ya... good times!
     I read such a great talk in studies this week, "Come What May and Love It!" If you haven't read it, do! Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin talks about how to deal with our trials. The first it to learn to laugh. Heck yes!! That's when I was so excited to keep reading. Any situation your in just laugh about it cause it makes the trial your in easier for you and everyone around you! He says so many great lines but my favorite is, "While it may not come at a time we desire, the faithful will know that every tear will eventually be returned a hundredfold with tears of rejoicing and gratitude." You guys I love that! Trials are not fun, but we do them to become what He wants us to be and to be able to gain experience to help others. Trials are worth it! The blessings that come from trials outweigh the pain of the trial. Just embrace them & learn to love them cause you go through alot of them. 💗 "If we don't have trials the plan isn't working for us." -Elder Brent H. Nielson. If you want another good read (I hate reading so it's okay if you disregard this part) read "Can We Live "after the Manner of Happiness"?" Both talks are on trials, so if you need a spiritual upliftment, I got your back! 
Love you all so much! Im still loving it here, thanks for all the love & support. Have a great week!!

Don't let your trials own you. You own them!

xoxo, sister jensen

We went to Presidents house today & got to ride bikes! To say i was freaking out to ride bikes, for fun, was an understatement!
Coolest district ever. Matching & mustaches, no better thing. 

Two Mormon missionaries making... coffee?

     Hello again my lovlies!! I seriously can't believe it is Monday again, this week went by wayyyyy too fast. So much happened this week! On the non spiritual side, today I experienced thee fast drive to Target EVER! It was 5ish minutes! You guys, I was so dang excited! My obsession with Target just keeps growing.
     At the nursing home a lady asked us to get coffee... uhh ya we were a little shocked. So we went & got it and were completely confused what to do! We don't know the first thing about coffee and especially as a missionary you feel so awkward! So we had to ask for some help... haha it was hilarious! Probably thee worst people you could ask to get you a black coffee with one sugar! Haha I'm still laughing!
    We had some great experiences knocking doors this week! I was with one of the sister training leaders and we handed out 5 copies of the Book of Mormon in 1 hour!! That is a miracle here! One of them asked us to sign it, so I felt like yearbook signing all over again, but it was awesome! But after that experience I'm like determined to give a Book of Mormon away to everyone because I know it will change their life!! I am so excited i have a year & a half of this!! My testimony of the Book of Mormon has sky rocketed! I know this book is true without a doubt and that it can help you in your little & big trials!! Elder Holland said, "Without this book we don't have a religion. Without this book we don't have a message." That shows you how important the Book of Mormon is!
     So we have had some great experiences tracting! Another one is we were at a door and we heard which sounded like 10 horse size dogs in the other stairwell, so I looked at Sister Willes and she said go go go, so I booked it down the other staircase. & before she was out of the door I was already down a flight of stairs! Haha I couldn't stop laughing & crying. Never saw the dogs, so that's a tender mercy! Dogs don't scare me, but this did!
     Holy cow prayer is amazing. So we both had a prompting to go visit a person in our books, so we went a couple weeks ago to find her apartment. We looked for 30 minutes couldn't find it. The next week we go back, look for 30 minutes, couldn't find it. 3rd time we go look for it, can't find it, so I started saying a prayer and as I am saying the prayer I look up and I saw the number!  It was amazing! We couldn't get into the building & she didn't text us back, but it sure strengthened my testimony to always say a prayer for help in even the little things!
     I love every single one of you & hope all is going well. Remember Heaven is cheering you on! 💗
Sorry pics didn't send last time, so heres them & more! Yay

xoxo, sister jensen

September 5th