Monday, September 19, 2016

Talent Show Superstars!

     Oh my goodness guys so much happened this week! It's pouring rain right now, which makes me so gosh darn happy. So we decided it's a great day to go shopping! There are a lot of malls in our area, so Sister Willes & I are pretty happy!

     Random/funny events that happened this week we were at Olive Garden with members and the waiter came over & said, "She's in training." I looked at him strange & was about to turn & say how did you know that? Until I realized that he was talking about the waitress behind me... haha awkward.
Than later that night i made Sister Willes believe there was an elephant under a tree. I was referring to an elephant that was a car sticker, but she couldn't find it so I made her believe there was an elephant outside. She was looking for it harder & harder & could never find it. She literally thought i was crazy for seeing an elephant. She started panicing because the elephant was walking away. Haha she is so funny & gullible! I ruined it because I broke laughing. I was told by a grandpa at the nursing home that I say amazing a lot! Haha they are thee cutest there. Dominoes with them has become a hobby. They have my heart.

     Now for the best part of the week: Our ward put on a talent show to raise money for a cause. So our ward mission leader signed us & the Elders up to do a talent. So Sister Willes & I replaced the words to little snippets of pop songs (that we could remember) & put a missionary twist on them. So we get on stage set two chairs across from each other & start to practice teach the restoration to each other. Haha. I couldn't see the members, but nobody wants to watch missionaries practice teaching... but we faked them out & jumped out & busted into song. We practiced this a lot during the week & laughing was never a problem. Umm it sure became a problem real fast on stage. I could not stop laughing the entire time. Haha, the ward said that they were crying laughing because we were laughing. It took awhile to get ourselves together & get through the song. I wish I could send the video, but it's way too long. Haha!! Bishop said he was surprised to see us at church & not on tour. Also we were told we are gonna be the next superbowl half time. So please look for us then! One of our members posted it on facebook, so don't be surprised if we go viral. (In our humble opinion)

Saturday night we had a Afghanistan Refugee Stake dinner. It was amazing! The gym was full of a couple members but mostly refugees. It was incrediable to talk to these people! I was honored we could help out. I love living in the DC area. So many nationalities & religions to learn about. I am so blessed to be able to serve here.

     Last week I talked about our goal of handing out 10 Book of Mormons a day, which we are still shooting for, but we overlooked the most amazing part. We gained 2 new investigators! We taught one & he was no longer interested, sadly. We were so focused on our goal that we missed the blessings in the process. But most times we over look or just anxiously await the end, but we hardly focus on the blessings inbetween. You can find blessings in everything! I know if you look for the blessings & God's hand in everything you will see it.

     Good quote of the week: "By becoming the answer to someone's prayer, we often find the answer to our own." -Dieter F. Uchtdorf    Miss you all. Hope all is well!

xoxo, sister Jensen

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