Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Hello all! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! I'm just going to send pictures this week cause I don't have a lot to say besides Christmas was amazing. So my area is getting shut down so I will be getting transferred somewhere on Thursday! So much to do to shut down an area... geez! Also Elder Ballard & Elder Rasband, quorum of the twelve apostles & Elder Gong of the seventy will be coming to this mission in January!!! I LOVE THIS MISSION SO MUCH!! Also working at the temple visitors center is thee greatest thing ever. I got asked some weird questions, but it's all good! I talked to a girl who was from Russia, she was thee sweetest. I also talked to a guy from India & like 10 minutes after we talked he ran up to me yelling, "Sister Jensen!!" to ask me a question. Haha i LOVE the people here. Have a great week everyone. Love you guys! Haha so I guess I did have something to say (: 
xoxo, sister jensen

December 26, 2016

Pics: 2 amazing members! Rejoicing cause it's Christmas, our awkward family Christmas photo - I LOVE her so dang much. The McLean Zone sistas Christmas breakfast. (My waffles were a huge hit!(:) It's Sister Tankersley birthday today!!! 

Don't worry everyone, I am still alive.😊 Missionary work has been amazing this holiday season! Oh my goodness MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! It sure is weird not having snow... or it being super cold all the time... not quite sure how I feel about it😂 

Well we have seen miracles for sure lately. So an investigator (Having an investigator is even a huge miracle!) drove all the way from Pennsylvania for our lesson & then drove all the way back to work that night. Oh my gosh, amazing right?! Ahh! I love the people here. 

We get to work at the temple visitors center 3 times during the Festival of Lights!!! It is so dang fun!! A completely different way of missionary work, but still amazing of course. I was with Sister Barr, who is amazing! (Her favorite color is also gray, so we got along real fast, haha) The lights are so pretty! Nothing compares to the homeland lights though. We talked to a lot of non members who weren't at all interested, but it was amazing they were even there listening to us talk about the temple. 

The Spirit is so strong in the visitor center as you look out the window at the beautiful D.C. temple, see all the Christmas lights, and see a reflection of a statue of Jesus Christ in the window. I had tears in my eyes as the Spirit testified to me so strongly for the thousandth time, that this church is true! I am beyond grateful to be able to a missionary this Christmas season & to share this restored gospel. Ahh I love this church more then I can obviously express.(: I hope you all try to do the last bit of #LighttheWorld 💗

I hope you all have thee most amazing Christmas ever! I love you all so so much!

xoxo, sister jensen 

December 21, 2016
Pics:  District pics, who wore in better? (Haha love these sister so much!), Sister Barr (visitor center comp), temple lights!  

Friday, December 16, 2016

Crazy Crazy Crazy Week

     I have too many stories to tell, so much happened this week, like crazy things! I know I say that almost every week, but I'm serious this time! We had exchanges this week & guess who I was with?! Sister Willes!! (Thee best trainer of all time!!) So that was so dang fun. We did service decorating trees & a newspaper guy was there, so look for us in the McLean, VA newspaper for us decorating some amazing Christmas trees! Then we went caroling with the other sisters. It was so dang funnnnn!!
      Then another day we did service there & we were making sandwiches. Sister Morris put wayyyyy wayyyyy too much mayo in before I added the tuna, so we had to strain the mayo out of the tuna, so it would be okay to serve. So my hands were covered in mayo & tuna... my hands stunk for a couple days, haha! I'll send a pic, just you wait!! Then we sung in the choir to these low income families, it was amazing!
     We were in downtown Arlington street contacting & like 3 guys hit on us. It was a Friday night, so that should explain a lot. One was like, "I would buy you a beer, but I don't think you drink those." Haha you couldn't be more correct! Then he went in for a hand has never jumped out for a handshake so fast! Slightly proud of my reflexes. Also the guy that texted us that he wants to be baptized....ya we meet with him & that's all I'm gonna say, weirdest meeting of my life.
     LISTEN TO THIS: so it's 2 in the morning & we hear a car breaking and then a big boom!! The Spirit finally kicks me out of bed & I look out the window & I see a car wrapped around a pole. Yes. A POLE. SO I CALLED 911!! It was crazy!! 3 firetruck,  8 policemen, 3 fire & rescue trucks, 2 ambulances, 1 tow truck, & finally 1 light guy. I sat on my bed & watched for 2 hours. It was crazy! I am pretty positive he died on impact. so dang sad, but that was a crazy crazy night!!
     One member had 60 FREE WREATHS to give out, so we took 18 amazing wreaths & we have been giving them out to about everyone! ITS LIKE THE BEST TRACTING IDEA EVER. *note to other missionaries* people change when you give them a free wreath!!😂 We ran I to this guy. He was so open to listen, he was like talk I'm listening.... what excuse me?! Seriously? You're listening to us?! I was so happy! As I was bearing my testimony he put his hand over his heart & said, "I can feel the power & happiness of what you are saying!" Amazing!! So we are meeting with him tomorrow!! Yay.
      We had a member of the Seventy (Elder Bennett) come & speak to our mission. Oh my gosh amazing. The Spirit was so strong. I know this is the mission God called me to. I am so blessed to be able to have these people in my life. I love missions so much!!! I hope you all have a great week. I love you & so does your Father in Heaven!

xoxo, sister jensen

December 13, 2016 

Monday, December 5, 2016

     Oh my goodness so much happened this week I want to tell you all, so I will try & sum up my amazing week! We met a sweet guy, while at Chick-fil-A (my 8 count nugget had 14 nuggets, blessings I was so happy) & he owns a limo/chauffeur business in NYC. We talked to him for awhile & he is open to learning more! Yay! Plus he said if I ever need a limo ride here or in New York that it's on the house. So in a year if anyone wants to go with me to NYC & ride in a limo for free, I know a guy!! Haha
     A lady let us into her house one day while tracting & we helped her with a craft home project, so that was alot of fun! We had our ward Christmas Party & it was so fun!! One member was playing the guitar & we all were singing Christmas songs together, it was amazing! The Spirit was so strong singing songs as a ward family. I love my ward.

     When we were tracting a Hispanic family let us into their house. I know no Spanish at all... my companion knows very little. So Sister Morris whips put a Spanish Christmas video from a couple years ago, & i just sat there looking at the pretty decorations... I felt so helpless, but it was kinda funny as I just sit there smiling! 😊 they somewhat try & discuss the video & I thought it was the light the world one, so the lady couldn't think of a word, so I say service? And haha the video was not at all about service... oops! The language barrier is hard!!

     This time on D.C. adventures: so while we were at the National Christmas tree a lady stops us because she is LDS & then she tells us all about the tree because she was the women that was part of the tree committee. It was awesome! It took them 9 months to do the 6,000 ornaments for that one tree. The tree is from Idaho and the decorations are all handmade by Idahoians. Then we were by White House and they had to kick us out because the President was coming down the street in about 45 minutes... crazy security I tell ya.

     At our newly formed DC YSA stake conference we had Elder Perkins & Elder Calderwood of the Seventy there. It was such an amazing meeting. (Afterward we had a picnic in the Hyatt Hotel to save miles, so fun!) Anyways it is truly amazing how Jesus runs His church. I know that He is at the head of this church & He calls His Saints to their positions. The leadership of this church is powerful & amazing because of the love & guidance they recieve from our Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ. My testimony was greatly strengthened in church leadership & how God & Jesus Christ have everything under control. The Lord has got this everyone!!

Love you all.

Sorry I like threw up in my email, hope it makes sense!! Have a great week!!

xoxo, sister Jensen