Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Hello all! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! I'm just going to send pictures this week cause I don't have a lot to say besides Christmas was amazing. So my area is getting shut down so I will be getting transferred somewhere on Thursday! So much to do to shut down an area... geez! Also Elder Ballard & Elder Rasband, quorum of the twelve apostles & Elder Gong of the seventy will be coming to this mission in January!!! I LOVE THIS MISSION SO MUCH!! Also working at the temple visitors center is thee greatest thing ever. I got asked some weird questions, but it's all good! I talked to a girl who was from Russia, she was thee sweetest. I also talked to a guy from India & like 10 minutes after we talked he ran up to me yelling, "Sister Jensen!!" to ask me a question. Haha i LOVE the people here. Have a great week everyone. Love you guys! Haha so I guess I did have something to say (: 
xoxo, sister jensen

December 26, 2016

Pics: 2 amazing members! Rejoicing cause it's Christmas, our awkward family Christmas photo - I LOVE her so dang much. The McLean Zone sistas Christmas breakfast. (My waffles were a huge hit!(:) It's Sister Tankersley birthday today!!! 

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