Monday, March 27, 2017

"Come back in 10 years!"

Hey hey heyyyyyy everyone!! How is everyone doing?! So this week was great! I'm half way done with my mission... eww. Gross, 9 months flew by! 😒 We knocked a lot of doors this week (which felt so good to be back knocking doors a lot πŸ˜‚) & we asked a man when we could come back to share more. He said, "Come back in 10 years!" Well thank you kind sir for being completely honest. πŸ˜‚ I will put a note in here to remind missionaries 10 years from now to stop by!  Also, I asked a little boy to give me a high five & he growled at me... haha alright! 

One night we left a tuna casserole that a member gave us in our car & it had to stay there the next day cause we didn't have time or resources to throw it away. No worries, it didn't stink. But then more than 24 hours later we take it to the trash can & we find a perfect ottoman!! So we came back & got it & now we have a super nice Ottoman in our apt. Awesome series of events! God was sure aware of us! 

I hope you all had a chance to watch Womens General Conference Session! It was so good. I loved President Eryings talk about the Holy Ghost. It truly is one of thee greatest gifts God has given us. (John 14:26) The Spirit has played a HUGE role in my life as well as my own conversion to this gospel. In Gal. 5:22 it talks about the fruits of the Spirit & it's so awesome to look back on your own life & see how much the Holy Ghost has been apart of it! It's always been so hard for me to discern the Spirit, but I have learned that if it is anything good it's from God & to act upon it. You look back & realize the spirit was there the whole time. It's awesome!! Ahh I love you all. PLEASE WATCH GENERAL CONFERENCE!! You will find so many answers to your questions & IT WILL BLESS YOUR LIFE!! I am obviously excited πŸ’— 

xoxo, sister jensen 

The 9 month sisters!! πŸ’— ft. the elders. 
 Bunny x-ing. Typical. πŸ‡
 T.C. Williams High school! Where Remember the Titans was filmed! πŸ‘ 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Thy will be done

Hello again!! Transfers are this week & Sister Cannon & I will be staying together in Franconia! That's a huge answer to my prayers! So glad I get to serve the people here for at least another six weeks. Just a follow-up for those who actually  read my emails, that I can finally introduce ourselves to people in Spanish!! Huge accomplishment I'd say for my non understanding EspaΓ±ol brain. πŸ˜‚ 

This week we had a "big" snowstorm! Haha it's totally different back east then home! So we had to stay inside till dinner on Tuesday because of this storm! But here the snow is ice, so driving conditions were bad. I think we only got two inches. Wednesday we were walking up a little slope (that's pure ice) to an apt. & couldn't get up to save our lives. Haha I was laughing so hard! We both kept sliding down & on the way down the slope after the apt & I fell flat on my bottom & a member comes out of the house laughing & said, "Sister Jensen are you okay?" Haha we all couldn't stop laughing. πŸ˜‚ 

This week I have seen a lot of our investigators take a leap in faith. It has been so cool to watch our investigators apply repentance & faith into their lives. Miracles keep coming & I just stand back amazed at how much God is blessing me. One day we asked an investigator to pray & she has been hesitant to pray in front of people, but has a lot of faith & did it. After I asked how she felt & she said, "like I want to throw up!" Hahaha she is amazing! 

This week D&C 109:44 has been on my mind a lot. (Probably because it's my background, haha) I have learned a lot about submitting to His will the nine months I've been on my mission. Submitting to His will is yes, sometimes very difficult, but I testify that is is the best thing that you can ever do for yourself. We all want the best life, we all want happiness, we all want things & you know the best place to get all that is? The Lord. & how will we achieve His PERFECT plan for us? Submitting to His will. I've found the most happiness & success when I humble myself & submit to His will. Thy will be done, O Lord, and not mine. I truly love this gospel will all my heart. 

I LOVE you all. Have an amazing week! Remember who you are & what you stand for! πŸ’— 

D&C 109:44 "But thy word must be fulfilled. Help thy servants to say, with thy grace assisting them: Thy will be done, O Lord, and not ours."

xoxo, sister jensen

Coolest. District. Ever. 
District pic ft. myself 
Trainers @ return & report 
Thee best mission president ever! "If your not going through challenges & difficulties, you're not getting your moneys worth." -President Huntsman πŸ˜‚πŸ’—  
Old Town, Alexandria, VA 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Miracle Week!!

Oh. My. Gosh. So many miracles it's amazing!!

Funny stories: so one night we were knocking doors & we walked up to an old man & he walked fast the other direction, so we moved on. Soon he had gotten his neighbor & they were coming to lay down the law to us. So we went to talk to them & he found out we were missionaries & not hoodlums trying to steal car parts. Haha too funny. 
& the other day we were eating at Wendy's & a random guy was talking to us for 10 minutes ish & all of a sudden cops showed up & stood around us... we excused ourselves & they had a good talk with this man. I think he was there all day talking to people...  

So some Elders sent us a family they were teaching because they moved into our area, so now they are our investigators. Sorry elders. They are my favorite. They are getting baptized April 1st!!!! Our first lesson with them the daughter said, "Mom what's the word? Oh ya! So I want to be baptized!!" Ahhh oh my gosh!! Then we went over another day & I gave her a picture of the D.C. temple & she just starts crying. She loved it so much! I am so so beyond excited for them to get baptized & obviously they are too!  So thanks to the efforts of other missionaries our job has been easy. Seriously so easy, God has prepared them & they found us. It sure has made everything worth it to wait for this exciting moment. 

We have met amazing people this week & our teaching pool just keeps getting bigger & bigger. Such a miracle & something that is so new to me! πŸ€—  

Hope you all are doing amazing. What can I do to help all of you?! πŸ’— 

xoxo, sister jensen 

Lots of pictures this week of Sister Cannon & I! 
Twinned & didn't even mean to. Kinda embarrassing πŸ˜‚
Potomac River! 


Hola! Well this week went by crazy fast. For reals. My subject about describes our week! So heading home from district meeting we get a call that we were moving.... umm today!! So change of plans we went home to pack!! It was raining so they postponed it to the next day, put Sister Cannon & I were ready to go! We actually moved into our area which is a good change into a very nice retro cabin patriotic looking place (you can tell we have thought long & hard about these adjectives)!  So we were sure excited!! 

On every first Saturday of the month our mission does a "car fast" where we don't use our car that day. So because of this we were able to meet so many cool people!! Everyone that day was telling us their life stories, which was amazing to learn about their trials & their faith. Everyone had something in common, can you guess what? God & The Savior. Everyone has fully relied on their faith in God & Jesus Christ no matter what their faith might be. I admire these people here for everything that they have gone through & accomplished. There is a saying, "Someone you don't love, has a story you haven't heard." Which I believe to be true. As we take time to get to know one another & listen to our hard times as well as our good times, your love & desire to help them grows. Which is exactly what missionary life is all about! Ahh I love it so much. Learning more about people is what I LOVE. Everyone is so amazing in their own way, because we are all children of God. 

I love you all & hope everything is going well for you.
St. John 14:18 πŸ’•

xoxo, sister jensen
March 6, 2017

George Washington's Masonic Memorial! We didn't know too much about masons so we loved going there & learning more about them. We were able to go to the top & see over Alexandria, VA & in the distance you could see D.C. πŸ’—
 πŸ’• Our weekly Wednesday get together for Book of Mormon reading & dessert! 
Pretty trees!! 
Our cool patriotic carpetsπŸ’• 
Having too much fun moving! 
The morning of moving & you realize you have NOTHING to cook with... good thing we have hands & 2 pans! #blessings