Monday, March 27, 2017

"Come back in 10 years!"

Hey hey heyyyyyy everyone!! How is everyone doing?! So this week was great! I'm half way done with my mission... eww. Gross, 9 months flew by! 😢 We knocked a lot of doors this week (which felt so good to be back knocking doors a lot 😂) & we asked a man when we could come back to share more. He said, "Come back in 10 years!" Well thank you kind sir for being completely honest. 😂 I will put a note in here to remind missionaries 10 years from now to stop by!  Also, I asked a little boy to give me a high five & he growled at me... haha alright! 

One night we left a tuna casserole that a member gave us in our car & it had to stay there the next day cause we didn't have time or resources to throw it away. No worries, it didn't stink. But then more than 24 hours later we take it to the trash can & we find a perfect ottoman!! So we came back & got it & now we have a super nice Ottoman in our apt. Awesome series of events! God was sure aware of us! 

I hope you all had a chance to watch Womens General Conference Session! It was so good. I loved President Eryings talk about the Holy Ghost. It truly is one of thee greatest gifts God has given us. (John 14:26) The Spirit has played a HUGE role in my life as well as my own conversion to this gospel. In Gal. 5:22 it talks about the fruits of the Spirit & it's so awesome to look back on your own life & see how much the Holy Ghost has been apart of it! It's always been so hard for me to discern the Spirit, but I have learned that if it is anything good it's from God & to act upon it. You look back & realize the spirit was there the whole time. It's awesome!! Ahh I love you all. PLEASE WATCH GENERAL CONFERENCE!! You will find so many answers to your questions & IT WILL BLESS YOUR LIFE!! I am obviously excited 💗 

xoxo, sister jensen 

The 9 month sisters!! 💗 ft. the elders. 
 Bunny x-ing. Typical. 🐇
 T.C. Williams High school! Where Remember the Titans was filmed! 👍 

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