Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"I want you to never go back to Utah!"

Hey, hi, hello, hola! What a fun week we've had here in the East. (: 

This week we did a lot of moving for a lady, her two kids, & her mom. They are from the Ivory Coast! The grandma only speaks French so we got to use a little bit of our French that we have picked up from people (: probably super rough! Haha. But the grandma was wishing us that our dreams come true, that we marry the man of our dreams, & that if she is still alive she will attend our weddings. That's how thankful these people are for little acts of service. They are amazing!! Ahh I LOVE these people. 

Our investigator is still doing good! He is preparing to join the army & still so excited for his baptism (& so are we!!), June 10th. (: Funny line #1: "Sister Jensen, what did you eat? Did you eat my cookies?" Geez. No! He sure likes when we make him cookies...spoiled. Haha  (: Funny line #2: "You want me to read? I want you to never go back to Utah!!" Haha we get a kick out of him all the time. 😂 

We met a lady on the street named..... ALMA!! She had NO idea where her name came from. Her mom said she say it in a baby book. We were able to tell her all about the Almas in the Book of Mormon. She was SO excited & said she will read the book! We were definitely led to her that afternoon. Also met kiddo named Malachi. So we told him all about his name. Explaining scripture names is so fun! 

Sister Roberts & I have met a lot of good good people this week. Everyone around us talks about how wicked the world is getting (& we don't even know, thanks to our missionary bubble haha) but it is also getting more valiant people! There are so many good people in this world & I am blessed to meet a lot of them here in Quantico. When I tell people we are meeting lots of good people right here in their neighborhoods they are full of comfort. I'm so grateful that the families in this church raise kids with good standards. It truly affects the world around them. Be the good in the world right? 

Love you all. Thanks for the prayers. Praying for y'all. 💕 

xoxo, sister jensen 

Exchanges with Sister Marlow. Ft. The Potomac River & Maryland. 
District dinosaur party. (p.s. had super good chocolate cake that made my day!)
Outfits from Afghanistan! 
Lesson on the curb. 💗 
Heart attacked a senior couple 💗💗 
Chillin' lake side. 
Blitz w/ Sister ketch! 
Pretty VA  (: 

Monday, May 22, 2017


Hellllllloooooo fam & friends (: AHH i love the chance I have to be a missionary! Every week is amazing & full of amazing experiences. Quantico is amazing as ever & Sister Roberts is great! So many fun times over there in the WDCSM. 💕

This week i have been thinking of the importance of living the gospel EVERYDAY. One of our investigators took the ASVAB (the test to enter the military) & didn't pass. After studying for the test & studying his scriptures & praying harder then ever he took it again & DOUBLED his score!! He had to take a confirmation test to show that he really did pass it & then he did even better that time too!! He is from Africa & I can't even imagine taking this test in your second language. He told us before he took it the 2nd time he read The Book of Mormon early in the morning before heading out. He bore his testimony of his love of the Book of Mormon & how it has been such a blessing in his life. Which made everything worth it to hear an investigator bear a powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon ((: ahh I love the BOM. I KNOW it is true. 
That is how my life has been too especially on a mission the little we give God takes that & multiplies it times ten. When you are called to be a missionary the first presidency promises you that "more happiness awaits you then you've ever imagined." I'm pretty sure that promise is fulfilled because of how we live the gospel/commandments EVERYDAY. Lots of blessings come from our effort. Pretty cool right? Ahh God is so good. Read & pray EVERYDAY & I can promise you, you will see the blessings that God is giving you more fully!! 

We had zone conference this week & President Huntsman said, "Heavenly Father uses difficulty to prepare you to do difficult things." So keep your chin up everybody! Life is thee greatest ((: missions are my favorite. No where else I would rather be. 💗 

Thank you everybody for all the love. REMEMBER GOD & I LOVE YOU. 

xoxo, sister jensen 

District Book of Mormon stories pic. 
The Quantico ward braclet crew. 
Meet my new friend. 
Exchanges with the Bristow Sisters (Sister Hodgson so awesome!! 💗)
The National Museum of the Marine Corp. Ya!! 
This American Flag was the exact flag flown on Iwo Jima!! So cool. I love this place!! 
National Quantico Cemetary💗 

Monday, May 15, 2017

God has PERFECT timing.

Hello all my favorite people!! Hope everyone had a good Mothers Day💕 

This week we have seen God's hand & timing in everything. We have an investigator getting baptized June 10th! He wasn't too sure if President Monson was a prophet of God or not, so after a lot of prayer he told us he knows he is!! Ahh it was a moment I will never forget. The pure joy that came out of Sister Roberts & I should've been recorded (; He is from Cameroon, Africa & calls me his beautiful dancer haha! Love it.

One day we got to WiFi & our area book on our tablets was crashing. Stuff we have never seen before, so after fixing it for awhile we were ready to get outside. Frustrated walking out the door we ran into a previous investigator who was on date for baptism & fell off the face of the earth! So we were able to talk her & get an update & will soon go over to visit. Coincidence? I think not. God's timing is perfect. 

I truly have gained a strong testimony on my mission of God's timing. I know that he keeps his promises & they will come in HIS time. He knows everything & sees everything, so why not trust him in his timing for us? I know it can be frustrating at times, but stick to the gospel & it will be alright in the end. Your life may not be what you planned or expected right now, but it God's plan for you & His timing is PERFECT. 

Love you all. Have a good week! 💗

xoxo, sister jensen 
RAIN (our normal weather report right now) 
Our investigator!! 
Our Mothers day flowers. Thanks to the Elders for home making them 😂
Fun fact about our relationship: we followed each other on instagram before the mish. 💕 
Excitement for the work is an understatement😂 
Sis. Roberts year mark!! 
The things we get sent with to deliver from members to members. Love this place. 💕 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"Erry Sunday"

Hello everybody! (: So Quantico is super cool! We have a big area & more then half of it is the Marine Base! So we get to go on base a lot, which is gorgeous!! The FBI Training base is in our area too. So our ward consists of Marines & FBI agents, pretty cool right?! 💗 Its also the bottom of the mission, so if we cross our line we are in the Richmond mission (so let's hope & pray we don't get lost (;) 

So my new companion is Sister Roberts!!! She is from Springville, UT. I love her so dang much, we have a lot of fun together! Never a dull moment. Plus we get to be Sister Training Leaders together, which has been super fun. 😊 

Every first Saturday of the month we don't use our cars: "car fast" & so it was raining all day. We walked to an investigators house & ended up doing yard work together in dresses & in the mud. It was so fun! We looked ridiculous though (: Then later that day we attended a Spanish baptism..... wow were we lost 😂😂 I picked up on a few words though, super proud. 

Then that night i got to skype into my good friend from The U, Haley's BAPTISM!!!  YAY I WAS SO HAPPY!! So shout out to Haley for making the best decision ever. I am so proud of you!! 💕💕 

I love the people here so much already!! Yesterday we talked to these two men on the streets, we were nervous then, but now we laugh about it! Sister Roberts wrote our church address & every Sunday @ 1 on there & he made her cross it out & put erry Sunday. Haha! Then he kissed our hands after... we were awkward. 

No matter what walk of life you come from, you are able to find peace, hope, love... etc. in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The one thing we had in common with these guys was Jesus. It was a testimony builder to me that Jesus is the core of most people's lives & that we can if not anything else relate together on that. I know this is Christ's true church & that he stands at the head. I've seen people change right in front of my eyes because of this gospel. I just want you all to know that I know that Christ lives & that he is aware of every single one of us. Wow, I love this gospel & my savior more then anything!! I am so grateful for the opportunity wake up every morning & put on my badge (: missions. are. thee. best. 

Have a good week. Love you all!! 

xoxo, sister jensen
May 8, 2017 

Elders have wayyyyy too much stuff on transfers! 
 Matching balance bracelets, water bottles, & outfits ish. (All accidental) 
 Quantico City on base. 💗 
 The outside world. 
What we do 50% of the time, leave sticky notes on investigators doors who never answer us. So this is us in our natural habitat 😂 
 Haley's baptism!!! 💕💕💕 
 Celebratory ice cream for Sister Roberts bday a week ago (: 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Farewell Franconia!

So much has happened this week, too much to tell, so I'll send pics instead! (: 

So transfers are happening... I will be leaving Franconia & going to Quantico!! (Super cool names, right?!) I have LOVED the Franconia people more than anything & am excited for some change! 

Exchanges with the one & only Sister Hymas!! (We rode bikes for a couple hours & I was so happy!!) Someone told us we were twins with opposite hair, haha. 

Alexandria District! 

So get this... we get a text saying that this girl & her friend are passing through & would like to take the missionaries out, so of course we say yes! (Free food!) We get to Chili's, I walk in the door & there is SISTER ALLDREDGE & SISTER STAMMERJOHN!!! So if you don't remember Sister Alldredge & I were companions!!!! They came back for a baptism! I was seriously BLOWN AWAY & SO EXCITED. Sister Alldredge is thee best & has helped me become the missionary I am today! 

💕 We helped Joann with her yard. She calls this flower bed, the Sister's Garden! 

We found a dirtish road. Haha 

When your member goes outside of your boundaries to get you Chick-fil-A cause you miss it so much. Real MVPs. 😊 

Our good friends

The Franconia sisters & Kingstowne elders paired up to teach the youth about missionary work! The Spirit was so strong that whole hour. (The Elders faces @ me vs. Sis. C & bishops 😂 haha)  

We probably have eaten waffles 98% of the time in our 2 transfers together thanks to my amazing mom for sending me a waffle iron! 💕 
xoxo, sister jensen 
May 1, 2017