Monday, May 22, 2017


Hellllllloooooo fam & friends (: AHH i love the chance I have to be a missionary! Every week is amazing & full of amazing experiences. Quantico is amazing as ever & Sister Roberts is great! So many fun times over there in the WDCSM. 💕

This week i have been thinking of the importance of living the gospel EVERYDAY. One of our investigators took the ASVAB (the test to enter the military) & didn't pass. After studying for the test & studying his scriptures & praying harder then ever he took it again & DOUBLED his score!! He had to take a confirmation test to show that he really did pass it & then he did even better that time too!! He is from Africa & I can't even imagine taking this test in your second language. He told us before he took it the 2nd time he read The Book of Mormon early in the morning before heading out. He bore his testimony of his love of the Book of Mormon & how it has been such a blessing in his life. Which made everything worth it to hear an investigator bear a powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon ((: ahh I love the BOM. I KNOW it is true. 
That is how my life has been too especially on a mission the little we give God takes that & multiplies it times ten. When you are called to be a missionary the first presidency promises you that "more happiness awaits you then you've ever imagined." I'm pretty sure that promise is fulfilled because of how we live the gospel/commandments EVERYDAY. Lots of blessings come from our effort. Pretty cool right? Ahh God is so good. Read & pray EVERYDAY & I can promise you, you will see the blessings that God is giving you more fully!! 

We had zone conference this week & President Huntsman said, "Heavenly Father uses difficulty to prepare you to do difficult things." So keep your chin up everybody! Life is thee greatest ((: missions are my favorite. No where else I would rather be. 💗 

Thank you everybody for all the love. REMEMBER GOD & I LOVE YOU. 

xoxo, sister jensen 

District Book of Mormon stories pic. 
The Quantico ward braclet crew. 
Meet my new friend. 
Exchanges with the Bristow Sisters (Sister Hodgson so awesome!! 💗)
The National Museum of the Marine Corp. Ya!! 
This American Flag was the exact flag flown on Iwo Jima!! So cool. I love this place!! 
National Quantico Cemetary💗 

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