Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"I want you to never go back to Utah!"

Hey, hi, hello, hola! What a fun week we've had here in the East. (: 

This week we did a lot of moving for a lady, her two kids, & her mom. They are from the Ivory Coast! The grandma only speaks French so we got to use a little bit of our French that we have picked up from people (: probably super rough! Haha. But the grandma was wishing us that our dreams come true, that we marry the man of our dreams, & that if she is still alive she will attend our weddings. That's how thankful these people are for little acts of service. They are amazing!! Ahh I LOVE these people. 

Our investigator is still doing good! He is preparing to join the army & still so excited for his baptism (& so are we!!), June 10th. (: Funny line #1: "Sister Jensen, what did you eat? Did you eat my cookies?" Geez. No! He sure likes when we make him cookies...spoiled. Haha  (: Funny line #2: "You want me to read? I want you to never go back to Utah!!" Haha we get a kick out of him all the time. 😂 

We met a lady on the street named..... ALMA!! She had NO idea where her name came from. Her mom said she say it in a baby book. We were able to tell her all about the Almas in the Book of Mormon. She was SO excited & said she will read the book! We were definitely led to her that afternoon. Also met kiddo named Malachi. So we told him all about his name. Explaining scripture names is so fun! 

Sister Roberts & I have met a lot of good good people this week. Everyone around us talks about how wicked the world is getting (& we don't even know, thanks to our missionary bubble haha) but it is also getting more valiant people! There are so many good people in this world & I am blessed to meet a lot of them here in Quantico. When I tell people we are meeting lots of good people right here in their neighborhoods they are full of comfort. I'm so grateful that the families in this church raise kids with good standards. It truly affects the world around them. Be the good in the world right? 

Love you all. Thanks for the prayers. Praying for y'all. 💕 

xoxo, sister jensen 

Exchanges with Sister Marlow. Ft. The Potomac River & Maryland. 
District dinosaur party. (p.s. had super good chocolate cake that made my day!)
Outfits from Afghanistan! 
Lesson on the curb. 💗 
Heart attacked a senior couple 💗💗 
Chillin' lake side. 
Blitz w/ Sister ketch! 
Pretty VA  (: 

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