Monday, June 5, 2017

Gung Ho for Quantico!

Hola! Como Estas? This week I was occasionally Hermana Jensen! It was so fun!! I went on exchanges & blitzs with our Spanish speaking sisters. Problem is though I felt like after I could speak fluent Spanish. After I would give my EspaΓ±ol spill then I would like go to say more & couldn't... haha I laughed at myself a lot. But a lot, no all of the discussions I would just stand there & would laugh with when they did, awkward? Maybe. πŸ˜‚ talking about me? Uhh at one point they were, haha! One said I look intelligent to learn Spanish in 2 hours. Haha ya uhh good luck! πŸ’• love them. 

One early early morning we attended seminary to make them waffles for their last day. I would have to say that Sister Roberts, Bishop, & I have mad waffle cooking skills! The power kept turning off though & we didn't realize, so when we figured it out, we were in business. 

 Shout out to missionaries with out a car! We had our monthly car fast Satuday & it was so much fun! I don't think I could do it everyday, but once in awhile is fun! We got a good tan & good stories from it. We met this guy that said, "Hey are yall LDS?" We were thinking heck yes!! Sweet. Then he says, "Hope to see you in heaven." Oh that took a turn. So he walked with us for a long while telling us anti stuff.... but he spit us some good raps & we recorded it, so now that's one of our prized possessions. 

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the sacrament & covenants (promises with God) in general. I have come to understand the importance of the sacrament more on my mission, which I am more then grateful for. I will never fully understand it, but I am grateful to be able to partake of it until then. President Huntsman & I were discussing this in interviews & he talked about how one of the best moments is seeing your convert come up out of the waters of baptism. & that pure, perfect moment right after. He said that's how all of us are after we partake of the sacrament. That hit me hard!! We all are cleansed just like our baptism day EVERY WEEK. I am so grateful for our Savior & His atonement which makes us become clean & easier to strive to become like him. So this week you all should try & focus on the importance of the sacrament. I have noticed I have been a lot happier as I have made the Sacrament a major priority. Being baptized was thee best decision I have ever made & I know we can relive that moment every Sunday! πŸ’— 

Te Amo hehe 

xoxo, sister jensen 

The Rollins family & their pet turtle 🐒 
The typical sister missionary lunch spot, yumm. 

Exchanges w/ the same bag! Who wore it better? 

Included this pic because either makes me so happy! 
ICE CREAM TRUCK!! Yay. Best night ever. 
Our cute little town of Dumfries! (P.S. it's not dumb fries, haha. I made that mistake) 

Our little river walk this morning. 

Just forget the E is missing πŸ˜‚ 

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