Monday, June 12, 2017


Heyyyyy! Well first things first, transfers are here... Sister Roberts is leaving me:( but Sister Winward is coming here to Quantico! She actually is serving in my old ward right now so looks like we can talk Franconia! 💕 


One day we doorbell ditched groceries on our investigator's door & kinda failed. (Haha surprise) we put the stuff down & knocked, drove around awhile & it was still we knocked again, drove, & still no answer. So we go to knock a third time & as we are walking up, the door starts to open & I turn & book it! Sis. R follows so we jump in our car barely breathing because we are laughing so hard & get a call from our investigator. Haha she asks what we are doing, we said, "Just chillin'" She died laughing saying, "You don't think I don't notice you in those dresses?" It made her whole day. She broke down into tears of how good God is to her & how much she loves & appreciates us. It was so awesome. She is going through so so much right now, like meeting with her everything we just cry, so hearing her say that was amazing. GOD IS SO GOOD. 


Friday Sister Roberts had an investigator get baptized, so us & our fav senior couple went up to Ashburn. They took us to Subway & in walks President Huntsman!! So we got to all sit & eat together. It's always so fun to talk to President!


 Then Saturday JULES WAS BAPTIZED!!!! BEST. DAY. EVER. When we & Brother Nixon were filling up the font it wouldn't stay plugged. So Bro. Nixon had to Jimmy rig it, haha so funny! But then later it stayed, so we were able to take out the lid & rock, haha. Bro. Nixon works for the FBI, & I got to hold his badge, super cool! (At least I thought it was) 😄 but anyways, the baptism was so so good!! Jules bore a POWERFUL testimony! We were so proud of him. The Huntsmans showed up too which was so sweet of them in their crazy busy schedule. Then comes his conformation time in Sacrament meeting & Jules wasn't there (Just a little stressed at this time) & as they start announcing it Jules walks in....oh wow that was a relief! 😂 


Jules was found by handing him a card in Wal-Mart & him referring himself, so there is never effort wasted. I love the section in Preach My Gospel, NO EFFORT IS WASTED. Wither we are part of the gospel or not it is so applicable to us all. So keep going strong everybody because it will pay off!! 


I love you all!! Talk to you later 💕 


xoxo, sister jensen

Exchanges with the one & only Sister Dutton 💕 
Walks with Monica 😍
Marines joining us for our walk 😂 
Sis. D. & i found another cool Potomac River dock!
Weaves are everywhere, haha 
Hehe people's signs! 
Laid down & 3 seconds later I was out... oops. Good thing it was lunch time 😂 

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