Monday, June 26, 2017

this work brings pure JOY

JOY JOY JOY!! This transfer our mission is working on JOY & HAPPINESS! & I have seen this fulfilled so many times this week. So the weather outside is getting miserably hot, but that's okay because we just sweat it out & cry inside😂   like one person gave us paper towels to dry off our sweat...too much info? My bad. 💕 So my new companion is Sister Winward from Mapleton, UT! (Utah again, surprise!)  Super super cute & so good for me. 

We have had the time of our lives!! Last night was probably one of the best night of my life. We have a goal as a mission to talk to 20 people a day street contacting. 10 each. & we have been achieving it so far, but yesterday we had leadership meetings with the stake all night, so we had like 10 minutes to make up our slack. So we looked crazy I swear. We were running to catch up to people (we would walk when they looked, haha) and we got 6 in like 10 minutes but needed to leave to head to a members real quick before heading in for the night... So we took a leap of faith pleading with the Lord to place 4 people in our path that we could talk to. So we see 3 kids, I slam on the brakes, we say a 2 second prayer, & talk to them. Mission almost accomplished. We still needed one more.... we hop in our car & there is a person on the side of the road, I pull up & Sister Winward gives him a pamphlet we chat for a sec. The joy that came from meeting out goal was AMAZING!!! 

& then wait.... it gets better....then we get a call from the Franconia Sisters  (Sister Winward & I both at one point being Franconia sisters) that an investigator IS GETTING BAPTIZED SATURDAY!!!!!!!! WAHOOOO (the kid that had to wait 6 months for his mom's permission) & that ended our night with the best news I've been waiting for for 6 months!!! 

So this week I've seen as I've worked harder to become a better missionary & disciple of the Lord, the Lord has picked up my slack. I have truly came to learn as we GIVE OUR ALL, the Lord will MAKE UP THE REST. Isn't that AMAZING? Aww this gospel blows my mind. I love this work more then anything I've done in my life. I've completely changed in this past year & it's all because the Lord has taken me further then I would've ever imagined.  As i was bearing my testimony at the end of the stake mission prep class we taught last night I almost burst into tears for the LOVE I have for being a missionary. I LOVE THIS WORK!!! 💗💗

wahoo, so my rants over now, but know I love you all. Thanks for everything!! Hope your having a fun summer 🍉 

xoxo, sister jensen
June 19, 2017

-Sister Winward 💗 
-Jolly Green Giant much? Awkward pic 😂 
-We cover a town called Triangle, hehe
-My cute cactus that sister roberts left for me to care for 💕 

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