Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Farewell Franconia!

So much has happened this week, too much to tell, so I'll send pics instead! (: 

So transfers are happening... I will be leaving Franconia & going to Quantico!! (Super cool names, right?!) I have LOVED the Franconia people more than anything & am excited for some change! 

Exchanges with the one & only Sister Hymas!! (We rode bikes for a couple hours & I was so happy!!) Someone told us we were twins with opposite hair, haha. 

Alexandria District! 

So get this... we get a text saying that this girl & her friend are passing through & would like to take the missionaries out, so of course we say yes! (Free food!) We get to Chili's, I walk in the door & there is SISTER ALLDREDGE & SISTER STAMMERJOHN!!! So if you don't remember Sister Alldredge & I were companions!!!! They came back for a baptism! I was seriously BLOWN AWAY & SO EXCITED. Sister Alldredge is thee best & has helped me become the missionary I am today! 

💕 We helped Joann with her yard. She calls this flower bed, the Sister's Garden! 

We found a dirtish road. Haha 

When your member goes outside of your boundaries to get you Chick-fil-A cause you miss it so much. Real MVPs. 😊 

Our good friends

The Franconia sisters & Kingstowne elders paired up to teach the youth about missionary work! The Spirit was so strong that whole hour. (The Elders faces @ me vs. Sis. C & bishops 😂 haha)  

We probably have eaten waffles 98% of the time in our 2 transfers together thanks to my amazing mom for sending me a waffle iron! 💕 
xoxo, sister jensen 
May 1, 2017

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