Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Happy Monday!

Hello!! Well this week consisted of doors, doors & more doors! Yay! 💗 We sure heard some cool stories this week. We have been working on talking to EVERYONE & blessings have come from it for sure. So we were talking to some kids outside playing & one is running by, stops, looks at me, & says, "You look like my 2nd grade teacher." Haha I ask, "Well is she nice?" He says uhhh so so. Haha alright sweet thanks bud! 

We have family home evening with our recent converts 💕 so last week the daughter was in charge so we had a spontaneous talent show! We have some good talents. I played YMCA on a child's play piano. sounded great... haha. We also rode an investigators hover board! Dang, those things take talent. My poor companion fell & hurt herself, so I was able to kick in my nurse skills 😊 

If you care about the weather here, it has been raining all week long! & it's becoming so so green! Yay!! Something that has been on my mind a lot this week is following spiritual promptings. I LOVE Elder Rasbands talk in this last general conference about being  "first responders" to our FIRST prompting. Because everything that is good comes from God, so why not act on it. The more promptings we follow the more we will receive & who doesn't need more guidance & protection?! 
Last night I had a prompting to grab a Portuguese Book of Mormon out of our trunk, so I did! I carried it with me for the next three hours.... & wait for it..... nothing happened. We were asking people if anyone spoke Portuguese around here & everybody just chuckled. I was seriously determined to hand it out. I felt like someone that spoke Portuguese that lived around there really needed this book. (Well everyone NEEDS the Book of Mormon (:) But I am glad I acted on that first prompting, because it lead us to some cool people. A lot of the times in life we don't understand why we need to do something, but I know it is important to follow those promptings. It may not lead to anything, but God has a plan & wants to see how we will respond. So everyone, act on that FIRST prompting. 💕 [1 Nephi 4:6]  

I love you all. Thanks for the prayers, letters, & love. 

xoxo, sister jensen 
April 24, 2017

Oh thee Hover Board! 💗 
RAIN, it doesn't stop! 💦  

Gorgeous view while tracting 🌳

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