Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The return of Elder Rasband!!

So this week was another week to put in the books! So as many of you know Elder Rasband & Elder Ballard were here in January! Well Elder Rasband returned on Saturday! He is thee sweetest apostle! (I mean they all are) He was here to officiate one of President Huntsmans daughter's wedding in the Washington D.C. temple earlier that day, so he figured why not meet with us! The Huntsmans & Rasband are homies. Like it's awesome! I was able to shake his hand & look into his Christ filled eyes. This man is a man of God. A dedicated valiant disciple, who makes me want to strive to become a better servant of the Lord. 

So our mission held a fireside (a meeting) for our investigators, recent converts, & less actives! At the fireside we heard from Jon & Karen Huntsman, Presidents parents who were actually the mission presidents over the D.C. area when President was a kid!!!! Best. Mission. Ever. Right?! Then we heard from President & Sister Huntsman (Hope all these Huntsmans aren't getting confusing (:) Then we heard from Sister & Elder Rasband!! It was such a good night. All these faithful devoted members have rock solid testimonies & just radiate the Light of Christ. What an amazing blessing it is to be part of this great work! 

IF YOU READ ANYTHING READ THIS!!!: Sister Rasband shared a story about an Elder in their mission when Elder Rasband was the mission president in New York. This one Elder wanted a shoe shine so bad from a fancy Bronx shoe shine place. He waited forever trying to find a shoe shine place in his area. Almost at the end of his mission they were walking the streets & he hears, "Shoe shine, shoe shine, anybody want a shoe shine?" He was so excited & ran around the corner. He immediately asks, "How much does it cost?" The man said, "As much as your willing to give." The Elder looks around & doesn't see any shoe shine place. Little confused he looks down & there is the man kneeling at his feet shining his shoes with a baby food jar full of black shoe shine & shining it with nothing but his own shirt & skin. This man was covered in black shine from head to toe trying to do anything for a little money. As this elder looked down he realized it was like the Savior. Giving everything he had to make us happy. "Soul shine, soul shine, anybody want a soul shine?" The Elder remembered his selfish remark, "How much does it cost?" & gave every bit of money he & his companion had to this man who was willing to take whatever he would give. Everybody I KNOW this is how our Savior is to ALL of us. Willing to take whatever we can give & will make up for the rest. I know it because I have definitely seen it in my own life. 💗💗💗

We helped members do yard work & I asked one of their kids what his favorite vegetable is.... he said a cookie! Haha 😂 same dude, same. 

So in this area it's VERY common to meet someone who you have never heard of their language or country before. So one of our common questions is where are you from? So we ask a man this & I thought he said, "Owtanawa" I'm like wow I've never heard of that country before & my companion just starts laughing.... turns out he said, "Can you guess?" Haha opps. I'm such an embarrassment😂 He was from Ethiopia...  plus on that Blitz (switch companions for a couple hours) we got 5 new investigators! Heck ya. Miracles. 

Love you all! Thanks for ALL the love & support. 👍 

xoxo, sister jensen
April 17, 2017

Pretty trees!! 
Almost walked into an appointment with our tags switched. Thanks elders. 

Yard work!! 

VA is famous for their Dogwood trees. Pretttttty 

Thee Mt. Vernon Sisters!  

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