Monday, April 10, 2017

Running away, Ghanaian food, & #princeofpeace

Hello family & friends: This week we were in an apartment building & we asked a guy unlocking his door if he had ever met missionaries before, he looked at us & RAN! Hahaha I was laughing & Sister Cannon looked a little frightened. He stopped sprinting down the hall, turned around, & was laughing! Haha I have never had anyone run away from us jokingly or seriously before, so that was a new experience. He said people tell him if he ever sees missionaries to run the other way 😂 we had a super good conversation, like super good. It made my whole week! 

We met another guy sitting outside on his porch & chatted with him for a good while about faith. Then he nicknamed us J.C. (Jensen/Cannon or Jesus Christ)👍 pretty cool nickname! 

A family in our ward had their daughter/niece come home from her mission this week! We helped them get ready for her return. We went over there to party with them for dinner. They are from Ghana & fed us fu-fu. We both really wanted to try fu-fu so she made it for us. Fu-fu is an African dish that is like a huge glob of dumpling with soup & you it with your RIGHT hand, not left. That's a BIG no no! So we were trying it, while hesitant, & the Sister comes and says, "Ahhh Sisters you don't chew it, you swallow it!" It was super different... I had such a hard time trying to swallow it whole & slurp it out of my hands. Haha good times! I LOVE the different cultures & religions here. It is so interesting & a lot of the time I feel like I'm not in America! This place is thee best. 

We had our two recent converts receive the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday. That was a neat experience. The Spirit was so strong in Sacrament. 💕 

Have you all watched the Prince of Peace video this Easter season?!? If you haven't, you should! It is amazing!! Every time I watch the video, which is a lot, I feel so peaceful. In this crazy world we all need some peace. I know that the best source for peace is in Our Savior, Jesus Christ. So if any of you are looking for peace in your life turn to the Savior & His Gospel to find it. I know you will. I am so grateful for this gospel & the HUGE role it plays in my life. I know that Christ lives today. I know that as we learn more about the Prince of Peace we too will find peace. I love you all & wish you a Happy Easter 🐇🐥

xoxo, sister jensen
Us trying fu-fu = an adventure (you cut it with your fingers, so that's why my hand looks weird) 😁 
 Squirrel x-ing it's a legit thing here. I've never seen so many squirrels in my entire life. 🐿 

 I just want to publicly announce my love for Sister Banfield, our amazing Bishops wife!  💕 


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