Monday, April 3, 2017


Hello!! This week we had a BAPTISM of two amazing sisters & GENERAL CONFERENCE!! Seriously God is sooooo good.  The baptism we had for went so good! They asked me to talk on the Holy Ghost, which was fun ish! I love this family more then I can even put into words. I am BEST friends with all of them & have learned so much from teaching them. Their faith & dedication shines through. They all have made huge changes to come unto Christ & now they have that "Mormon Glow" (I swear it's a real thing.) 

My testimony on trials has grown a lot this week. Sister Cannon & I have some similarities in our family situations & we found out this week we have a lot in common about our families with some of our investigators.  My biggest trial is now a blessing that I am able to bear a strong testimony on the enabling power of the atonement & the strength that ALL families have, no matter their situation. What an amazing family situation I have. I wouldn't change it for ANYTHING. & Sister Cannon & I were able to talk about these difficult times & how we made it through! 💗 I KNOW that Sis. C & I were sent here together at this time for this family. What an amazing calling this is. 

Want to hear some more miracles? Haha okay so one of our investigators read the Book of Mormon!!! She has been putting it off (she said she is on her own curriculum) & then read 10 chapters & took A LOT of notes. After weeks of testifying of the Book of Mormon & how it can change her life she finally read it! Now her husband has to catch up to her 😊 also she cooked for us & she hasnt cooked in over a year!!! And another one.... our recent convert is preparing himself to go through the temple in the next couple months!! Ahh. 

Funny moments: One of our investigators thought that we have to wear black skirts cause I guess Sister Cannon & I always wear black skirts there. Haha! & VA LOVES their pizza delivery, so a lot of the times when people open up the door they expect pizza, but fortunately for them it's Christ's representatives! They never listen though, I guess pizza on its way is more important. Haha! 

I love you all & pray for you! Thanks for all the love & support. 💕

xoxo, sister jensen 

Our favorites. 💗 
Our member ordered all the desserts on the menu 😂 gaining weight? Nah. 
 Practice teaching blindfolded! best trainer ever. 😂 
 Getting serious. 
I got to see my BEST FRIEND!!!!! 
 Cherry blossoms season w/ my cherry blossoms skirt! (Not planned, promise) 
 THE BAPTISM!! (one picture is pre grabbing my tag 😂

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