Monday, March 13, 2017


Hola! Well this week went by crazy fast. For reals. My subject about describes our week! So heading home from district meeting we get a call that we were moving.... umm today!! So change of plans we went home to pack!! It was raining so they postponed it to the next day, put Sister Cannon & I were ready to go! We actually moved into our area which is a good change into a very nice retro cabin patriotic looking place (you can tell we have thought long & hard about these adjectives)!  So we were sure excited!! 

On every first Saturday of the month our mission does a "car fast" where we don't use our car that day. So because of this we were able to meet so many cool people!! Everyone that day was telling us their life stories, which was amazing to learn about their trials & their faith. Everyone had something in common, can you guess what? God & The Savior. Everyone has fully relied on their faith in God & Jesus Christ no matter what their faith might be. I admire these people here for everything that they have gone through & accomplished. There is a saying, "Someone you don't love, has a story you haven't heard." Which I believe to be true. As we take time to get to know one another & listen to our hard times as well as our good times, your love & desire to help them grows. Which is exactly what missionary life is all about! Ahh I love it so much. Learning more about people is what I LOVE. Everyone is so amazing in their own way, because we are all children of God. 

I love you all & hope everything is going well for you.
St. John 14:18 💕

xoxo, sister jensen
March 6, 2017

George Washington's Masonic Memorial! We didn't know too much about masons so we loved going there & learning more about them. We were able to go to the top & see over Alexandria, VA & in the distance you could see D.C. 💗
 💕 Our weekly Wednesday get together for Book of Mormon reading & dessert! 
Pretty trees!! 
Our cool patriotic carpets💕 
Having too much fun moving! 
The morning of moving & you realize you have NOTHING to cook with... good thing we have hands & 2 pans! #blessings

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