Monday, February 27, 2017

"Are you Christian? I LOVE YOU!!"

Hello Hello!! This week has been awesome! (Just like every other week) So a fun fact about Franconia.. so Franconia road runs right in the middle of our area & there are 18 churches on this road. (We counted 😂) I heard its in the Geniuses book of world records, but obviously have no source in finding out if that's true or not, but it's way cool & A LOT different then Utah! Since we stand on so many door steps every day & see lots of different rugs, doors, wreaths, etc... I feel like I am getting more & more picky for my future door. 🙊 haha 

Yesterday a Muslim guy approached us so happy & said, "Are you Christian? I Love you!" So much love coming out of this man it was awesome. He was thee sweetest! I love being able to share the restoration with everybody no matter their belief! We also met this other guy (I mean we meet a lot of guys, but this guy was cool) he was super friendly & his shirt said "Yes". I asked what that meant & he said it was his baptism shirt! I was like okay yeah let's talk baptism!! He let us in & asked us to share our message with him... uhh I was like a deer in the headlights! Nobody asks us to share our message! Wahoo so after I got over the initial shock we shared some of the restoration! 😊 but they were moving... sad. 

The Mt. Vernon stake puts on every year a Mini MTC for the youth! & we as missionaries were able to participate. So we were able to take 2 sisters out with us for 2 hours! It was so much fun. They had some paper names tags, practice taught all day, had districts & companions etc... it was so cute!! 

As a mission we focus on a Christlike attribute a transfer. This transfer we are focusing on Charity & Love!! It's been awesome to work on this attribute & see everything fall into place because of the love you have for these people. We all should always have love for everyone because we are all sons & daughters of God, but yes I totally understand... that's hard sometimes. But as we develop charity & love negative thoughts & feelings,  judging others, avoiding others, whatever it may be will all go away as we pray for help from God to love everyone. Love is definitely something I have developed more & more of on my mission. Love for the amazing people here in VA & people at home (aka all of you). I invite you all to work on Charity & Love! I know that as you do you will see a difference & change in yourself that you will be proud of. Christ is the PERFECT example, so I suggest following him! [Moroni 7:47] 

I LOVE (haha) all of you & wish you all the best💗 

xoxo, sister jensen
Mini MTC 

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