Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy Birthday George Washington!

Happy Presidents Day everyone!! Today we went to George Washington's house (Mt. Vernon) it was thee best way to celebrate Presidents Day! Mt. Vernon is so dang cool. If any of you get the chance, go! There were a lot of people there today but a lot of them were Mormon so we met some cool tourists! We walked on a dirt road & smelt cow manure & I never knew that smell could make me so happy!! It felt like I was home again!!! 🐄

Miracles: so our investigator, can't get baptized for like 5 more months. We are done teaching the lessons, so we are studying Preach My Gospel (missionary study book) & preparing him to serve a mission!! I never thought I would be studying PMG with an investigator! He is so awesome. 
We found 2 new amazing investigators last Monday night! We have been able to go back & teach them & that lesson was so so good! We were so excited. They are so cool & they are keeping commitments!! Wahoo. 

A lot of people we run into at night always tell us to be careful & to watch out, but as many times as I have heard that (& am grateful for them caring) I have not once been scared. I am grateful for the protection that we as missionaries have & the protection that the gospel brings into our lives. As we study the scriptures, go to church, say our prayers & keep the commandments we ourselves will be protected against anything that comes our way! My love for this gospel continues to grow every single day. I LOVE YOU ALL. Thanks for all the prayers & support, I sure can feel them. 💕

xoxo, sister jensen

Mt. Vernon Pics: 
A COW!!! 
Beautiful Potomac River & Sister Cannon 
GEORGE WASHINGTON (apparently we stood on the wrong side... ladies I guess stand on the right in the olden days) 
Back of GW house 
Front of GW house 
GW & Mrs. Washington's tomb 

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