Monday, March 13, 2017

Miracle Week!!

Oh. My. Gosh. So many miracles it's amazing!!

Funny stories: so one night we were knocking doors & we walked up to an old man & he walked fast the other direction, so we moved on. Soon he had gotten his neighbor & they were coming to lay down the law to us. So we went to talk to them & he found out we were missionaries & not hoodlums trying to steal car parts. Haha too funny. 
& the other day we were eating at Wendy's & a random guy was talking to us for 10 minutes ish & all of a sudden cops showed up & stood around us... we excused ourselves & they had a good talk with this man. I think he was there all day talking to people...  

So some Elders sent us a family they were teaching because they moved into our area, so now they are our investigators. Sorry elders. They are my favorite. They are getting baptized April 1st!!!! Our first lesson with them the daughter said, "Mom what's the word? Oh ya! So I want to be baptized!!" Ahhh oh my gosh!! Then we went over another day & I gave her a picture of the D.C. temple & she just starts crying. She loved it so much! I am so so beyond excited for them to get baptized & obviously they are too!  So thanks to the efforts of other missionaries our job has been easy. Seriously so easy, God has prepared them & they found us. It sure has made everything worth it to wait for this exciting moment. 

We have met amazing people this week & our teaching pool just keeps getting bigger & bigger. Such a miracle & something that is so new to me! 🤗  

Hope you all are doing amazing. What can I do to help all of you?! 💗 

xoxo, sister jensen 

Lots of pictures this week of Sister Cannon & I! 
Twinned & didn't even mean to. Kinda embarrassing 😂
Potomac River! 

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