Wednesday, January 4, 2017


I have lots to say this week, so here we go! I got transferred to Franconia!! It is in the Mt. Vernon area & my new comp is Sister Horne! I haven't stopped laughing since we got together. She's hilarious! I am also in a FAMILY WARD. What the?! It's so weird. I pretty much have to relearn how to be a missionary, which is great! Change is good! So Franconia is awesome. Everyone tells me it's their favorite area, so I have been blessed to be able to serve here. I have met thee most amazing people this week!! 

Sister Morris & I in Langley  (old area) spent forever cleaning it out & packing... I unfortunately have accumulated so much stuff. Seriously don't know how that happened so transfers were crazy. Watching Sister Morris go home was somewhat a blessing. I am super grateful & excited i have a year left to serve the Lord. It goes by way wayyyyy too fast. Feels like I've been out a month. Ahh. 

So the people of Franconia are awesome. We have a lot of investigators (which is another big change! Teaching is awesome! Blessings everywhere.) We have twins & their younger sister that we are teaching. They are so cute! They know so much already so it's fun to build upon their faith. One said, "Baptize me!" Haha I love it! They have such a strong desire to always follow Jesus Chirst. The younger sister sat next to me on the stairs & says, "He is sitting by you." (Earlier see was telling us about her invisible friend, so I thought she was talking about him.) So I said, "Oh your friend?" She  then says, "No, Jesus!!" It melted my heart instantly. I got to thinking that is so true. Jesus truly is next to us & watching over us in EVERYTHING we do. We may not always feel Him there, but he cares about us more than we can fathom. Doesn't matter if you are a missionary, member, non member, less active... etc. He loves you & is always there for you!! Coming from a 6 year old girl, it was touching. 

So we have a sister who is 96 years old & is kicking it!! She can stand, talk, walk, sit, read... everything, better then I can! She is not a member (she says she is too old for that 😂) but comes to church & has us come read the Book of Mormon with her every week. She has all her missionaries sign the back of her book with all their info so she can send them cards! Ahh so cute, so I got to sign her book! So mom if you get a card or a call from her, that's why! 💗 she asked me if I was Mexican... I said do I look Mexican? She said, "I don't even know what Mexicans look like!" Haha so funny. I LOVE the people here. It feels like home. I hope you all have a great week. I love you all lots! Happy New Year. Hope you all stick to your goals 😉 

xoxo, sister jensen
January 2, 2017

Trying to revive Sister Morris... 
Leaving my BFF Sister Tankersley 
McLean Zone pic, with us falling in the middle gracefully 
Sister Horne
No more working at the visitor center... so sad! Amazing experience! 
Metroing to D.C. selfie 

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