Monday, December 5, 2016

     Oh my goodness so much happened this week I want to tell you all, so I will try & sum up my amazing week! We met a sweet guy, while at Chick-fil-A (my 8 count nugget had 14 nuggets, blessings I was so happy) & he owns a limo/chauffeur business in NYC. We talked to him for awhile & he is open to learning more! Yay! Plus he said if I ever need a limo ride here or in New York that it's on the house. So in a year if anyone wants to go with me to NYC & ride in a limo for free, I know a guy!! Haha
     A lady let us into her house one day while tracting & we helped her with a craft home project, so that was alot of fun! We had our ward Christmas Party & it was so fun!! One member was playing the guitar & we all were singing Christmas songs together, it was amazing! The Spirit was so strong singing songs as a ward family. I love my ward.

     When we were tracting a Hispanic family let us into their house. I know no Spanish at all... my companion knows very little. So Sister Morris whips put a Spanish Christmas video from a couple years ago, & i just sat there looking at the pretty decorations... I felt so helpless, but it was kinda funny as I just sit there smiling! 😊 they somewhat try & discuss the video & I thought it was the light the world one, so the lady couldn't think of a word, so I say service? And haha the video was not at all about service... oops! The language barrier is hard!!

     This time on D.C. adventures: so while we were at the National Christmas tree a lady stops us because she is LDS & then she tells us all about the tree because she was the women that was part of the tree committee. It was awesome! It took them 9 months to do the 6,000 ornaments for that one tree. The tree is from Idaho and the decorations are all handmade by Idahoians. Then we were by White House and they had to kick us out because the President was coming down the street in about 45 minutes... crazy security I tell ya.

     At our newly formed DC YSA stake conference we had Elder Perkins & Elder Calderwood of the Seventy there. It was such an amazing meeting. (Afterward we had a picnic in the Hyatt Hotel to save miles, so fun!) Anyways it is truly amazing how Jesus runs His church. I know that He is at the head of this church & He calls His Saints to their positions. The leadership of this church is powerful & amazing because of the love & guidance they recieve from our Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ. My testimony was greatly strengthened in church leadership & how God & Jesus Christ have everything under control. The Lord has got this everyone!!

Love you all.

Sorry I like threw up in my email, hope it makes sense!! Have a great week!!

xoxo, sister Jensen

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