Monday, November 28, 2016

I love this work 💕

    Hello my loved ones! This week was a good one for sure. On Monday night we were knocking doors & a lady let us in her house!! Let us in. It was amazing! My first time being let in. Miracles. & we are going back to teach her, but then we will have to pass her, sadddd.
     Thanksgiving was amazing! We went to brunch at a member's mansion, went to the old folks home 💗, went to bishops for dinner, & made sugar cookies shaped like the SLC temple & delivered them to some members. It was thee best day. The old folks didn't really know it was Thanksgiving so it was fun going around telling them. When Ruth found out she threw her arms in the air & said let's go do something. Aww so cute. While we were delivering/doorbell ditching the cookies I kicked something, but we got in the car & raced off. Then come to find out later it was my tag I kicked, so uhh we had to go look for that. It was hilarious trying to not get caught 😂 then we were in this fancy apartment & we set the cookies down, knocked & booked it down this long hallway. I can't imagine how stupid we looked, I felt like a 6 year old again.
     We had a lesson with a new investigator (work is picking up, & we are seeing miracles!) I've had more appointments this week than my entire mission combined, seriously miracles. She said the prayer at the end of our long long lesson, & she was done with her prayer but didn't close it yet so we sat in silence for a good 5 minutes just waiting. Of course i lost it. My head was down & I couldn't control my laughter. Sounds rude, I understand, but she's chill. Haha oh good times.
     So they are taking all they YSA wards in the D.C. area & making them their own stake. So now we will be part of the Washington D.C. YSA stake. Crazy big changes! Our time & building & maybe boundaries stay the same, so that's awesome. We have our first stake conference this Sunday at a hotel, so that's gonna be sweet. (:
     Also fun fact about Sister Morris  (my companion) She is originally from the Richmond, VA mission, but when they took an area out of their mission & put it in ours she came with it! Best decision ever. Just FYI  (:
     This week has been a learning week for me. It's amazing how much Heavenly Father helps us in every step of the way. I have felt him hold my hand through everything I do. He will never leave us, we are the ones to leave Him. I LOVE this gospel more than life itself. I LOVE my Savior & am beyond grateful for his atoning sacrifice, so we can return to live with him. I hope this holiday season you can focus on the real reason for Christmas (I  am so so excited!!!) I love you all & wish y'all the best.

xoxo, sister jensen

Pretty VA, THEE CUTEST DOG i was so excited, my companion is pretty much the best, our amazing temple cookies, inspirational sign, & my cute Sister  Morris. 

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