Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Turkey Day!!

     My beautiful friends & family!! First off I want you all to know how thankful I am for y'all. You all are amazing & I love getting updates about your lives.
     So here's the moment you all have been waiting for.... my new companion is Sister Morris!! She is amazing. She is dying (going home) this transfer. So that's kinda fun! She is from Pleasant Grove, again UT represent. I love her so much, she is also so funny, so that makes me laugh more than usual! Haha 😂 when we were getting to know each other she said, "what do you like to do for fun besides eat cake?" Seriously tho... oops! We got a huge cake & lasagna for free so the main two house rules are eat the cake & eat the lasagna! Missions are thee best.
     Update on my friends at the nursing home: I went to go say hi to my best friend & she said, "wow your hair is nice!" Of course i responded, then she says, "I will have to try it on sometime!!" Haha haha oh so funny! Always a good time.
     We called a lot of people in our area book & this lady spoke very little English. So i tried whipping out the very little Spanish i knew... and she just laughed at me... so i will try improving my Spanish. You all can keep me accountable! Also 4 people we called as potential investigators turned out they were members! Haha so that was thee quickest conversion i've ever heard of! 🙉
     Life here is amazing!! Miracles everyday. We had a relief society lesson on things we know for sure. I have been thinking a lot about what i know for sure. One thing i know for sure is that Heavenly Father is aware of & loves each and everyone of us. I have felt his love for me every minute & i wouldn't be able to accomplish what i have without His continuous love. I know that He loves you. I know He is always there for you, even when you don't want him to. I know this church is true & Jesus Christ is our Savior. Be grateful this holiday season for all the blessing Heavenly Father has rained down upon you. 
     I'm beyond grateful for every single one of you. Have a great Thanksgiving day & eat all the food you can! 

xoxo, sister jensen 
November 21, 2016

My old district took 100 photos & didn't get a normal one.
Cute inspirational art work!!
Homies! We all served in the same ward.
For Elder Lucas's fan club!! Morgan represent!!
Strike celebratory dance!! 

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