Monday, September 26, 2016

     Oh my goodness hello everyone! It was such an amazing week here in the DC area!! I don't even know where to begin. It's crazy that it is just so casual now to pass Arlington Cemetery, the Pentagon, & to see the Washington Monument, so ya this mission is the greatest!! This week we did a lot of service, which was awesome! We got to volunteer at a huge fall festival, & we were in charge of the pumpkin painting booth. Those little kids had a blast drenching their pumpkin in paint & getting it everywhere on themselves. Adorable. Moms didn't quite think so... Then we baked all sorts of dessert for the nursing home bake sale, so that was a good time! Oh gosh so were walking & a nut fell straight from a tree on my head. Wow, chicken little was coming to life. Hahaha oh Virginia.

We talked to this members daughter, in our stake, (she's like 10) and she said she has already saved up $1,072 ish, if I remember right, for a mission, and she is going to go on  mission after mission until she dies. Ahh so cute! That just made me appreciate my calling as a missionary a lot a lot. So grateful to be here!! I LOVE being a missionary!

     Okay here's for the miracle part. Y'all better be ready... so we were on exchanges with the sister training leaders & we went to check on a potential.  So we ended up talking to everyone & knocking a couple doors in that area & we ended up handing out 10, yes 10 copies of the Book of Mormon. So we got them 6 new investigators and handed out 9 copies of the BOM in 1 hour!!! This is unheard of. Than later that night no one was answering, & i just really really wanted to hand out 1 more. (I already spoiled it that we got 1 more) So I saw a light on and said were going. Sister Adair said she has knocked that before, but we can knock it again. This guy answered and quickly needed to go attended to his daughter, so as he is closing the door I held my arm out with the book and said, "Can I give you this?" & he took it!!! Sister Adair testified as he was shutting the door. Than we had a little dance party outside his door. Ahhhh miracles happen, after so much faith, prayers, & work. I know that God hears & answers our prayers. I was so humbled & amazed.

     When I was with Sister Adair we had a lesson with a recent convert. As we were outside, there was a man that passed & boy did he want to tell us what's up. Then the RC held out his BOM & said, "Touch the Book you'll feel good. You'll have a better day 'cause you touched it." What a powerful testimony of a recent convert. Ahh I love this so much!! I know this to be true. My life goes much more smoothly when I read from the Book of Mormon. You can just feel the power & the truthfulness.

     Shout out to Morgan Stake for singing in the General Woman's session! I was so dang excited, and so was everyone else who knows that Morgan is my hometown. Tender mercy. Speaking of General conference it's coming up! I encourage you all to watch it!! I am so dang excited. It's gonna be amazing!! I know you will find answers to your prayers that you have been looking for.

I love you all so so much. Have a blessed happy week! Make good choices!
xoxo, sister jensen

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