Monday, September 12, 2016

Come What May & Love It πŸ’—

     Hey hey hey everyone!! Well, I honestly don't remember much of what we did this week. Since I've been on a mission I forget lots of things... thanks mission brain! Just fill it full of the gospel & that's all you need. 😁 But I do know that this week was so so good!! We were able to get a less active to church! I was so dang excited!!
     My comp & I set a goal to hand out 10 Books of Mormon in one day! We worked all last week to get it and only got 2 in one day, nobody wants them sadly, but that's okay because I have learned great faith and prayer! So this week we are ready to dominate our goal. It's gonna be a good time! I handed one to a couple as we were crossing a busy intersection & I was yelling so they could hear me over the sound of the cars explaining what the Book of Mormon is. Sister Willes had to hold back from busting out laughing! Another funny moment was we were cleaning up a pinkish spot on the carpet at a member's house thinking it's fruit punch, turns out it was cat puke... haha ya... good times!
     I read such a great talk in studies this week, "Come What May and Love It!" If you haven't read it, do! Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin talks about how to deal with our trials. The first it to learn to laugh. Heck yes!! That's when I was so excited to keep reading. Any situation your in just laugh about it cause it makes the trial your in easier for you and everyone around you! He says so many great lines but my favorite is, "While it may not come at a time we desire, the faithful will know that every tear will eventually be returned a hundredfold with tears of rejoicing and gratitude." You guys I love that! Trials are not fun, but we do them to become what He wants us to be and to be able to gain experience to help others. Trials are worth it! The blessings that come from trials outweigh the pain of the trial. Just embrace them & learn to love them cause you go through alot of them. πŸ’— "If we don't have trials the plan isn't working for us." -Elder Brent H. Nielson. If you want another good read (I hate reading so it's okay if you disregard this part) read "Can We Live "after the Manner of Happiness"?" Both talks are on trials, so if you need a spiritual upliftment, I got your back! 
Love you all so much! Im still loving it here, thanks for all the love & support. Have a great week!!

Don't let your trials own you. You own them!

xoxo, sister jensen

We went to Presidents house today & got to ride bikes! To say i was freaking out to ride bikes, for fun, was an understatement!
Coolest district ever. Matching & mustaches, no better thing. 

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