Monday, September 12, 2016

Two Mormon missionaries making... coffee?

     Hello again my lovlies!! I seriously can't believe it is Monday again, this week went by wayyyyy too fast. So much happened this week! On the non spiritual side, today I experienced thee fast drive to Target EVER! It was 5ish minutes! You guys, I was so dang excited! My obsession with Target just keeps growing.
     At the nursing home a lady asked us to get coffee... uhh ya we were a little shocked. So we went & got it and were completely confused what to do! We don't know the first thing about coffee and especially as a missionary you feel so awkward! So we had to ask for some help... haha it was hilarious! Probably thee worst people you could ask to get you a black coffee with one sugar! Haha I'm still laughing!
    We had some great experiences knocking doors this week! I was with one of the sister training leaders and we handed out 5 copies of the Book of Mormon in 1 hour!! That is a miracle here! One of them asked us to sign it, so I felt like yearbook signing all over again, but it was awesome! But after that experience I'm like determined to give a Book of Mormon away to everyone because I know it will change their life!! I am so excited i have a year & a half of this!! My testimony of the Book of Mormon has sky rocketed! I know this book is true without a doubt and that it can help you in your little & big trials!! Elder Holland said, "Without this book we don't have a religion. Without this book we don't have a message." That shows you how important the Book of Mormon is!
     So we have had some great experiences tracting! Another one is we were at a door and we heard which sounded like 10 horse size dogs in the other stairwell, so I looked at Sister Willes and she said go go go, so I booked it down the other staircase. & before she was out of the door I was already down a flight of stairs! Haha I couldn't stop laughing & crying. Never saw the dogs, so that's a tender mercy! Dogs don't scare me, but this did!
     Holy cow prayer is amazing. So we both had a prompting to go visit a person in our books, so we went a couple weeks ago to find her apartment. We looked for 30 minutes couldn't find it. The next week we go back, look for 30 minutes, couldn't find it. 3rd time we go look for it, can't find it, so I started saying a prayer and as I am saying the prayer I look up and I saw the number!  It was amazing! We couldn't get into the building & she didn't text us back, but it sure strengthened my testimony to always say a prayer for help in even the little things!
     I love every single one of you & hope all is going well. Remember Heaven is cheering you on! 💗
Sorry pics didn't send last time, so heres them & more! Yay

xoxo, sister jensen

September 5th

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