Monday, August 29, 2016

Trust in Him

     Well all, this week was another good week! We've laughed through it all. We don't have one progressing investigator and most of our numbers are down to zero. So our days are spent working so so hard to try and find at least one person to teach. Since everything is wiped clean all we can do is trust in His plan. This week I have to trust in Gods plan a lot! There is no other way to go through this situation or life without having complete trust in His plan for His children. If there is no other lesson to learn, I have learned one of the most important ones to completely trust in Him. I know that He has a plan for this area and I am honored and excited to be part of it. 

     In a book I was reading the other day there was a story about kids caught in a storm. Their teacher whispered to a child, "God is with me now" & to say it to the next child. The storm didn't calm down, but they themselves were able to not be frightened. I learned how this is so comparable to our lives. God may not calm the storm around us, but he gives us strength to go through our trials easier. Oh how I have felt that these past couple weeks. I have done many things that I wouldn't have been able to do without His help. Everyone just rely on God in all that you do!!

     So since elections are coming up a lot of people ask us who we are voting for... umm that is not a great question as a missionary! So we give an awkward answer on our purpose as a missionary and that's that... really funny! (:

     My comp said the other day that we influence each other for good in several different ways, but food is not one of them! Haha guys it's so bad. We had a counter full of treats that we had and people gave to us, and we just kept eating them. So we laugh all the time on how big of pigs we are! Hey it's whatever makes you happy right?(:

Love you all! Praying for y'all. Have a blessed week.

xoxo, sister jensen

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