Monday, October 24, 2016

awards, blessings, & baptisms

     Hello hello! It has been a crazy, busy, fun week! We had zone conference Tuesday & we had car inspections & guess who got the cleanest car award?! We did!! & plus we tied with my MTC comp, so it was an amazing day because our reward was homemade chocolate chip cookies! Then we did English class & the guy I was working with knew quite a bit of English so we were working on sentences. He asked does this sentences make sense, "Huge people are hanging out together." Haha I had to explain to him it might be better to say a lot of people. He was adorable & confused! Then he asked about what do you think happens after this life so I got to explain a little of the Plan of Salvation. It was so cool! Also one day this week we had to go to service a little early & my hair wasn't quite dry, so as I was driving my head was outside the window trying to dry my hair. It kinda worked... haha!

     We were able to attend a family ward this Sunday, (children!!!) because a YSA was baptized in their ward but comes to our ward, so we went to see him get confirmed. I miss family wards! The primary program was adorable, & the Spirit you felt was so strong!
     Also, another cool experience was we were walking to our car at the end of the night & this woman yells hey where do you guys live? Come to find out she is inactive but helps the missionaries out a lot. She is the greatest. So she texted us & wanted a blessing so we called the Elders to come give a blessing. It was amazing! & she fed us dinner, what's better than that?!
     Oh & we were calling potentials in our area book & this girl answers & tells us she goes to BYU. Amazing! She isn't baptized, but she sure will be one day!

     Miracle: We attended 2 baptisms on Saturday! It was so so cool. Baptisms are thee greatest. One women that got baptized survived cancer & her story was amazing. After we talked to her she told Sister Alldredge & me that there are people out there that need us. It was a testimony builder for sure. Really taught me to just keep working as hard as I can to find those who are prepared! God has helped so much to get to this point in my life, so why not keep trusting in him. I know He has lead us all to this amazing point in our lives, so keep trusting in Him & I know amazing things will come of it.
Miracles are happening here & I'm still enjoying my mission so much!

I love you guys all so much! Have a great week 😊

xoxo, sister Jensen

Zone pic w/ President & Sister Huntsman, ALL my companions (minutes Elder Baxter in the back), my adorable comp, I love these sisters, MTC crew serving in the same zone!!

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