Monday, October 31, 2016

Studied at the Library of Congress

     Oh my goodness this week was great! We started out the week gardening for a member of our bishopric. Which I was so happy to do (plus they are amazing), which surprised me because that's all my mom made Strat & me do. Love you mom! We ended up locking ourselves out of the church & our house this week. Thank goodness for members & missionaries! Haha oh good times. People here LOVE their Halloween, like for reals it's insane. Their yards are full with blowup toys & tombs. Happy Halloween everyone 👻 We are figuring out how awkward we are. Sister Alldredge said, "We're already awkward, so why not make it worse." Embracing the awkwardness is the greatest thing ever. Always gives you something to laugh about. 😂
     While we were tracting we kept running into the mailman so we ended up chatting with him, more like we listened as he expressed his feelings. He had already delivered the mail for that apartment so I said I'm gonna set this book in your basket. He gave it back to me & I just put it back in his postal box & testified, what I could as he was talking. It was awesome having him walk away with a Book of Mormon!! Got ya! The power of the BOM is incrediable.  Also my vertical is slowly getting better as we practice getting pretty leaves from tall trees! Improvements. But the trees here are gorgeous!!
     When we got locked out our plans to go to Arlington were destroyed, so we ended up going close to our house. We checked on potentials & knocked around them. We knocked on a women's door. She is amazing. She has 2 English BOMs, so we ran to our car to get a Spanish book. She hugged it and was so happy to finally be able to understand it better. It was the the best. So many plans fall through, but miracles always happen. God's will is always better than our will. I've learned that over & over again. As we were on exchanges we taught the Restoration to a mother. When we extended the baptismal invite she said she knows she needs to & will, but she is terrified of water. So once she works on her fear, she will be baptized. I love the people here. God is so amazing & I hope all of you have a strong relationship with him. If not just say a prayer of thanks & you soon will realize everything he is given you. Look for His hand, i promise it  makes life easier.
     Today we left early this morning to make it to D.C. to study. We got a card that allows you to go study in the main dome at the Library of Congress. So we did our studies there!! It was amazing. We were able to read their Books of Mormon & other Mormon material. They had a first edition Book of Mormon that was signed by Joseph Smith & Martin Harris. Amazing. Lots of people come to look at it too, which is cool! It was a dream come true. Nothing beats that! Then we took a tour of the capital. They are setting up for the election, crazy! Ahh I love serving here & I love you all!! Have a great week. 💗

xoxo, sister jensen

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