Monday, November 7, 2016

"Are you the cutest in your family?"

     Helloooo my favs! This week we had a lot of hilarious things happen! On a not so hilarious note we ran into a guy from a church here that studies Preach My Gospel (missionary guide) & uses it to bash on us. But funny thing is some people get converted, but that's what's gonna happen if you study the true gospel. Anyways he was bashing on us, but didn't have a lot of amo oddly enough & I was getting so angry that my companion just talked for us. Not cool bro, not cool. But we just bore testimony & left it at that! Good thing I have that going for me💗
     We had dinner with a family! Yes a family!! I was so excited! It was so much fun!! While we were eating dinner we were talking about our families. One of their daughters asked me, "Are you the cutest in your family?" I wasn't sure if I heard that right, so I asked again, & yep that is what she said. Sorry Strat, I said I was 😂 Then their son was just naming all these scientific facts off of did you know questions at me, & let me tell you I feel super uneducated compared to a 7 year old... oops.
     Cool thing at church, a guy just decided to try out our church & just came in & joined us! That was awesome! Of course the Elders in our ward got to him before we did! A YSA got baptized Saturday in another ward, but we were able to attend it! She is amazing. We went into the bathroom after she just got out of the font & we were talking with her & then she swears... haha it was hilarious! Pure for a couple seconds.
     This week I've been thinking about our divine worth & how even if we had a glimpse of how much Heavenly Father loved us then our lives would never be the same. I just want you all to know that you all mean so much to your Father in Heaven. You were created by his hands just the way he wanted you to be. Everything around you is made up by people not any smarter than you. You are worth everything to Him. He loves you so much!! His love is what seriously carries me through the day & life. Rely on Him, I know He will let you know of  His divine love for you. I love you all! Have a great week!!

xoxo, sister jensen

Trio for a bit a couple weeks ago
The beautiful fall leaves (this doesn't even show the beauty that I easily get distracted by while driving),
More of our sister training leaders which is my trainer!!
We were able to get into a fancy apt building last night to check on a member & the lady offered us hot chocolate (miracles!!) 
The cutest member of my family!

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