Monday, October 17, 2016

Blessed to serve in D.C.!

     Hey everyone!! This week was crazy! We did a ton of fun things. I seriously am so blessed to serve here. We did a lot of service this week & as we were walking to the outdoor 1700's fall festival (which was so so cool) we walked past the CIA. No joke, the CIA. It was amazing! (Would've taken a picture, but can't) Today for pday we went for a bike ride along the Potomac River. Oh my gosh, I am in love with D.C. On one side you could see all of D.C. & on the other side was the Pentagon & the Arlington cemetery. I am blessed to have God choose me to serve here. The leaves are changing & my comp & I are so so happy! Can't believe it's fall! Time is going too fast. Last night we found dirt in our apartment, that we know wasn't from us, so Sister Alldredge grabs her shoes & was ready to attack whoever was in our house like hard core, we never found anyone, surprise! But I was just dying laughing at her because she was super terrified. Haha life is so great!
     We also helped the zone leaders film a video for zone training & we filmed it in the gym & were all pumped up about scripture study, teaching, and planning! They related it to P90X and so when it was my turn be on camera the ZL was chatting & I was doing the easy version of things like the 1st lesson, simple planning, etc. But the entire time I said yes! Yes! Yes! Then we watched it as a zone & I was annoyed of myself & everyone keeps saying yes to me. Haha I was just too pumped for missionary work!
     Missions are the best. I love those moments when you get lost or something happens & it messes up your plans & you end up somewhere else. (Getting lost is an hourly thing on these crazy VA roads) Then after you talk to people around you & you find out that you were needed there for that specific person. This has happened to me countless of times & every time a blessing comes out of our mistakes. Those are the moments that you seem to remember. After much opposition there comes a blessing, every time! You will never be deprived of the blessings, if you do everything you can. They may come in this life or the life to come, but nonetheless God keeps His promises to you.
Missionary work is the greatest & I am blessed to be able to be called to His work & to the people here. There are so many different language barriers every single second, but the people here are amazing. I love you all!! Hope you have a great week.

xoxo, sister jensen

Pics:  Sister's lunch, chinchilla, 1700's festival, when you can't go into your ward mission leaders house you take pics, the Potomac River!

Once a dancer, always a dancer!

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