Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy 4th of July from the Nation's Capital πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

What a week. πŸ‰ This week was a long one, but all is still good in the hood! 
So one day we are out in the scorching sun, not a soul wanting to talk to us... ya ya & so on... & we were feeling a little discouraged. But attitude is everything, so we pep talked ourselves up, said a pleading prayer to our Father in Heaven & got out of the car to hit the pavement. One of the first people we talked to ended up being a miracle!!! At first he wasn't too Interested... so I explained the pamphlet we gave him in more detail & he opened right up. He tells us to come over to the side walk & he shares this story that has changed his life for the better. (I'll try & simply tell it!) 
There was a piece of trash shoved in the grass one day. He walked past it 3x before he stopped, picked it up, & put it in his pocket. He went to go throw it away later & it opened & it was a picture of Jesus Christ. He said his life has NEVER been the same since 2 weeks ago. He started believing in Christ again. He pulls out the card to show us & guess what?! It was a #princeofpeace card!!!!! Tears came to my eyes & Sis. W just starts crying. The spirit was so strong as he told us his story. We told him that we done with all of our cards & showed him the Prince of Peace video & he was blown away. We have to call him soon to set up an appt. (Cause of the holiday) & he wants his 2 grown some to come join. Ahhh MIRACLE. I was so humbled that God knows us & he WILL place prepared people in our path if we have faith & work hard. It was just what we needed. God just takes care of all of us. πŸ‘ 

Saturday = another car fast. Wahoo. This time we were fancy & rode bikes! Hahaha the humidity in July, in the middle of the day, ya you could say we were sweaty messes. Hahaha. We got SO many weird looks. Girls on bikes, in this heat, in dresses?! Haha good news is we got sore muscles & some cool tan lines. 😊 


xoxo, sister jensen 

Rivals schools, uh oh πŸ™ˆ 
Exchanges πŸ‘πŸ‘ 
Sister Bargeron ft. a beaver? 
Biking, thank goodness for baskets. 🚲 
When you are totally out of supplies & you have to use chastity pamphlets, LOL @ us. Update on      where the pamphlet went: to a teenager boy who insisted he take it... πŸ™ˆ uh oh. Hehe 
 THE QUANTICO CREW is now split up... They left us their work this morning. Pray for us! 
 One of my fav. pics of the Savior. I KNOW he knows & loves you!!!  πŸ’— 

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