Monday, July 10, 2017

Celebrate. Good times. Come on.

Heyyyyyyyy fam & friends!! Honestly, I don't feel like writing much this week.... so you get pics (: but I'll give you some highlights (even though every second is a highlight) :  

1. Our neighbors are my FAVORITE. They always knock on the door & check in on us & ask if we need anything. So this week we had dinner with them!! So we were able to teach them & when we asked if we could come back & teach them they said, "I was waiting for you to ask!!" Yay!!! Miracles right next door. 

2. We were talking to people on the street & Sis. W was talking to this man we approached so I went to talk to 2 others that were going inside. Turns out they both are less active members (one lives there & one lives in PA)!!! The best part is she has been wanting to come back to church & we went back & taught her & got her into LDS Tools & Gospel Library!! So cool!! & we went back to teach her cousin, Christian, who earlier was the man Sis. W was talking too. The spirit lead us to be there right when we needed to be. SO COOL!! 

3. I have again been asked if I am Native American. So that's 3 for Native American & 2 for Spanish. But today I got a new one.... Egyptian. Haha to myself I look 100% Caucasian! But totally a complement. 😂 

Alright love you all lots!! Keep killin' it. Go team, Go! 

xoxo, sister jensen


 We went trash diving on exchanges for our lost phone that was thrown away. But no worries... we got it sanitized. 

Pic with my fam President/birthday twin. 

Marine museum with the Lake Ridge sisters!! 

Tan lines from our 50 different pair of shoes. We are proud of them. Haha next to a motivational sign... judgment. Aka: don't judge our tan lines.

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