Monday, February 6, 2017

i love you all 💕

Heyyyyyy! I hope everyone is doing amazing. So much has happened this week.... where to start. Something funny is last night we were having dinner with thee cutest family. The daughter wanted to sit between the sister missionaries. (adorable) So while we were eating she gets really close to me & whispers, "Did your kindergarten teacher yell at you every day?" Haha I can't say she did, or do I even remember who my teacher was in kindergarten... Her mom took care of that response, but it was so cute of how concerned she was. Haha. 

We had a New & Returning Member Fireside last night that our mission puts on. As I sat there I was just so grateful that 24/7, my entire purpose right now revolves around our Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ. I love being a missionary living & breathing the gospel. Ahh no better thing. Hearing people's conversion stories gives all of us missionaries the desire to work harder to find those prepared souls. 

We helped in Primary on Sunday!! What?! Primary. I know, I was excited. We were the investigators & the kids were the missionaries. We would ask them a question & they had to look at the board & think of a song that answers our question. Dang these little kids are geniuses.  They even got down and showed me the proper technique to pray. I tell you the church is in good hands with these little valiant intelligent children. It was so dang fun. They all bore strong testimonies & the Spirit was so strong. 


xoxo, sister jensen

My mom (trainer) is dying....
Our district!! 
Cute lights in a neighborhood! (Its super hard to see us!) 
Everyone guess what's happening?! I'm getting a baby!! (Meaning someone straight from the MTC) find out next week all about her! 💗 🐣 

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