Tuesday, August 9, 2016

     Fam & friends! So much has happened this week! I wish I could just bring you all with me on this adventure. We got to volunteer at a nursing home and it was thee best. We got to set up for a birthday party and this 102 year old lady was wondering why it was her birthday, and she just had it a month before! Then she turns to my companion and I and said, "I can't hear!" (While music was playing in the background) so cute!
     We built a fort for weekly planning. We are children! Best fort I've ever made.
     Oh my gosh there is this frozen yogurt place that gives yogurt to missionaries for free, so you all know I will be there every other day! It was so good. Yumm.
     Haha so since we are in a YSA ward, we just watch everyone flirt... so so awkward. It's painful sometimes. Plus everyone is on internships here from BYU and everyone is heading back, so our ward is getting small. But I still love YSA!
     We got a new investigator that we knocked on his door and during our lesson he was so interested to learn more, because of how we leave our families & love for 18 months. So its worth it if he gets baptized! Our lesson was so spiritual. I'm excited to see where this goes.
     I just want you all to know that no effort is wasted. So continuously give all you have. I read the coolest conference talk by a seventies. He is a heart surgeon and he was working on an infant and it was a really complicated surgery that he stopped the surgery and went to go pray in the corner. He told Heavenly Father that he can't do it alone. He heard Heavenly Father clearly tell him, "Do your best. Together we can do it." & I love that! We are NEVER alone. You are never by yourself, God is with you! Ya'll should listen to He Paid It All by Brandon Heat. Such a testimony builder song about the atonement. Oh & also watch the gospel shall roll forth on lds.org. Spiritual. Okay I love you all! Thanks for all the love. 
     Pics: I fulfilled my #1 dream as a little girl of going to The American Girl store! & we had a little too much fun at the mall. If you ever get the chance to go to Tysons Corner. Do it.

xoxo, sister jensen

August 8, 2016

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