Tuesday, August 16, 2016

District of Columbia!

     Aloha! So this week was such a great one! We celebrated my 1 month in the field this week & you know where we went.... to go get free Froyo! Thee best. I'm pretty sure I am gaining weight in my forearms... so I have so much to look forward to(:  Weekly dying of laughter moment: I have laughed so hard in almost all of our lessons... its so bad. But this week we were checking on some members & we were talking with this member's mom & she gave us a glass of water. Which I was SO grateful for in this humid HOT heat.  My companion knocks her teeth so loud with the glass & I couldn't hold it in. The things you laugh at as missionary! So great.
     We volunteered again at the cute nursing home & they are such sweethearts. We talked to this one grandma and she said that we don't even speak English & all we do is smile! Then another grandma asked where we were from & so we said Utah & she couldn't stop laughing for like 3 minutes! Then another gma said that laughing is good for you cause you fill up with air & fall to the ground! Ahh so cute.
     We had a rough day on Wednesday.  We were about to give up and go home for curfew. Then the last door we knocked on was this families door & it was such a blessing. She has so much faith & God had prepared her for years to be so accepting and humble of our message. We talked to her about The Book of Mormon & she was so so excited to read it, she like pulled if from our hands! Since she was a family we had to pass her, but I know she will be baptized. So much love for her. Those are the moments that just put you in the best determined mood to find all those people who have been prepared by our Heavenly Father!
     So we went to DC today!! So much fun!! Since DC is out of our mission bounds we are allowed to go every 6 weeks...shocker, ALL DC South is in Virginia! 😀 & uhh we took one wrong turn & ended up in DC, out of our mission bounds... the streets here are SO confusing! So we had to make the trek back to VA, so then we could just walk right back over! We went to the Natural History Museum, where Night at the Museum was filmed!! && the National Archives. Couldn't help but think of myself as Nicholas Cage! Plus all the other sights you see in between. I sure feel like death right now from walking in the heat, but it was so worth it! The greatest part was we took a taxi back to our car at the Arlington Cemetery! Grateful. It's been a good time here. Hope everything is going well with all ya'll! Much love. Stay close to the gospel. You can do hard things!!

xoxo, sister jensen

August 15, 2016

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