Monday, August 22, 2016

Uhh we got towed...

     Well as you can tell by the subject line we sure had a crazy week! We have had many obstacles this week thrown at us, but we laughed through it all. I will try and keep it concise. & yes these are all 1st world problems (:
     To start from the beginning of the week we got towed... so we went to help out a lady, got the parking pass from her and went to put it in the car as the tow truck is passing. We were acting confident with this bright orange parking pass, showing off cause haha we had a pass. He drives away, so we head up to this ladies appt. And my comp looks out the window and points laughing, "I think that's our car!" So we go out, everyone is freaking out telling us our car got towed and we just busted up laughing.... they sure were surprised by our reaction! Long story short we parked on the wrong side of the road... Buckingham Gardens & Buckingham Commons. Confusing guys! So we had to call Elders to take us to the towing place. Then we were walking home excited cause its the end of the day and we walk into our apartment and the ac is broken. It was like a sauna. so elders brought over another fan, we layed on ice packs in soaked cold tshirts.
     So our ac flooded our hallway and they had to come tear up the carpet, fan that out, change the pad, & clean the carpets. One day our car was leaking, and our tiwi was broken (the mission speed limit restrictor thing) and wouldn't register my comps driving card, so these little things kept us from prime finding time, and we NEEDED to be out finding. Our mission had a goal this week to get 300 new investigators with baptismal invites! If you have served a mission, you know this is hard work! So we did everything we could to be out talking to people, but Satan kept getting in our way.
Through these obstacles I have learned more about the power of prayer. I have never fallen on my knees and prayed so hard in my entire life till this week.  All i wanted was to be able to contribute 1 person to our goal of 300. The power of prayer is amazing. Even though it was a tough week we were able to be strong and constantly try our very best. Because of the power of prayer, complete trust in the Lords will, and having so much faith in Him our mission was able to surpass our goal and make it to 432 NEW INVESTIGATORS WITH BAPTISMAL INVITES!!!!!!! That is a complete MIRACLE. Our year goal is 300 baptisms, so we totally got that!! Our reward of 432 new gators we are all able to go to the Temple an extra time!! YAY. We may not of contributed but our prayer and faith sure helped out. Prayer will get you through anything. I promise.
     Weekly laughing moment: So we knock on this door and this lady answers and we smile then asks why we are high, we say we're totally not. Then she thinks were drunk... uhh heck no we aren't. Shes like than what are you?! Uhh i said Happy!! She was blown away at our happiness. Hahah hilarious and awkward all at the same time!
     We went to a Baptist BBQ. We volunteer at a Baptist Food Pantry and they invited all the Elders and us to come over for a Saturday night BBQ. It was fun! Then last night we went to the temple visitors center to watch Meet the Mormons 2!! Guys one segment is filmed in MORGAN, UTAH!!!!!! Yes i was freaking out the entire time!! I was so happy to see home!! (:
     This week has been crazy and so good. I know that everything happens for a reason and in God's time. What a blessing this gospel is in the trying times of life. We need his strength to strengthen ours. I know we all have personal struggles, but keep pushing hard and rely on the Lord. I love you all so so much. best wishes.

xoxo, sister jensen

     Pics: MTC besties.  Towing...stranded. Supporting USA in something called the olympics...

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