Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Arlington National Cemetery!

     Hey hey hey everybody! So this week was amazing! So many good things happened! We had zone conference on Tuesday and I got to play a musical number with the #1 tenor singer of Idaho, so it was pretty cool and the Spirit was so strong! Plus it was I Know My Redeemer Lives, and that's my fav hymn, so I wanted to cry, but if I did I would've screwed up! Haha! And then we all sang Called To Serve and I was overcome with gratitude & love for my Savior to call me to His work. I just want you all to know that Heavenly Father & Jesus are VERY much aware of you and love you so so much. My testimony continuously grows everyday and I can't even express to you all how much I love this gospel and our Savior.
     Umm it's been raining a TON and I am loving it!! Like pouring rain. Wayyyyy happy driving in the pouring rain under thee greenest tree! So dang pretty. Oh & I saw a cow. I was so excited! But bugs here are AWFUL... President gave us all a can of spray. We get eaten alive! And no matter what time of day it is stop and crawl traffic. Hate it. Lots. And being YSA we cover 8 big cities so we travel everywhere! We drive a lot & we listen to everything we have, including Christmas music, yes Christmas in July & August. Changes things up a little bit(: and I love it.
     So last Tuesday we went to the post office to mail a letter, and a sweet women comes up to us talking! We knew she was Mormon, and she was adorable! Then when I was at the temple later that day the same women was there, so we talked for awhile! Then Saturday when I went to the temple again, for our recent convert. Anyways we were walking past the pictures of the temple presidents & she was the temple president's wife! Ahh I was mind blown excited! But I was able to help with baptisms, so I got to be in the font room with her. She was smiling the entire time! I felt the Spirit so much just being able to watch this amazing work be done! It was an amazing day!
     We went to Arlington Cemetery today and it was so fun! And so hot! I love when you can tell the people who are LDS cause they yell at you, "Hi sisters!!" So fun! We feel famous. The Mormon world is so small. I know people's cousins, am people's cousins, people who graduated from Morgan high, people who live nearby, been to Morgan, dated people from Morgan ... it's crazy! & Morgan isn't big! Too many connections. But I LOVE you all & wish you all the best.

xoxo, sister jensen

August 1, 2016

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