Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Eating challenge conquered!

     Holy cow can't believe a week has passed. We went to the temple today, YAY!, so we moved our pday, Just FYI! But so many exciting things happened this week! We have seen so many tiny miracles happen!
     First was we felt like we needed to see a recent move in and so we finally found the building, which I looked right at the building and didn't see the number till the 2nd time around. We passed this guy and we both turned around to give him a card, he ended up letting us in to a SUPER secure apartment building (super fancy! Like you need a key to even click what floor in the elevator) but he lead us all the way up and if we weren't there at that specific time we wouldn't have been able to get to this members home! She answers the door crying! We were just what she needed. Love her to death!
     Second miracle was the eating challenge! Haha! (: We went to breakfast with elders and a ward missionary on Saturday morning! We got to drive past Arlington Cemetery and the Pentagon on our way to breakfast! And you could see the Washington Monument and The Capital in the background. I LOVE IT HERE! But anyways my comp and I got the same breakfast and the manager walks by saying, can you finish that? I of course said, is that a challenge? He said if you do I'll buy you guys dessert! Uhh once you add dessert to a challenge I am bound to finish it! So we both ate all our chicken, bacon, and pancakes! First time trying chicken and pancakes, so it was weird... but we did get banana pudding and we ate that too but of course with some help! So weight gain is heading my way soon! Yay. Usually I forget to explain my email title, but this one I couldn't miss (:
     I obviously love pictures so, everyone send me pics! I love seeing all your guys cute faces!
And it's wayyyyy too hot. Humidity is not my friend. When you have naturally straight straight hair you know it's too humid when you hair curls a little bit haha (: 
     Long crazy all over the place email, but I love you all so much. Thanks for all the love and support.

Pic explanation: Utah street sign. Much love.
Our rewards from our eating challenge.
Got to go to the temple with my MTC companion!!

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