Monday, July 18, 2016

     Helllllllo everyone! I have so much to tell y'all, but kinda too lazy to write it all, so we will see how this plays out! But first thing first, I LOVE it here. It is so pretty!! Like my trainer is amazed how excited i get over the trees! Oh and the houses here are incredible, so more like mansions! Everyone that we are currently teaching are from India, Germany, Austria, and so on! So it makes everything exciting. We have 12 or more copies of the Book of Mormon in different languages. Oh and the pamphlets we have are in wayyyyy too many languages to count! But I am in a YSA ward here in Arlington, but we are the Langley sisters! My trainer is Sister Willes from Riverton, UT. She is thee cutest and we are almost the same person! It was truly inspired that we are together for 12 weeks! The 2nd night I was here we went over to the ward mission leader's house and had a greenie meal. It was so cute! EVERYTHING was green!
     Okay President & Sister Huntsman are thee absolute BEST! The minute we got off the plane they bought 20 missionaries frozen yogurt! Instantly fell in love. This is how cool president is, in the mission home there are pictures of him just chilling with President Monson! So cool. And our Bishop, Bishop Holdaway of the YSA ward is amazing! I guess he is high up there for Marriott Hotels! So VA is pretty awesome.
     Last night after going to the leasing office I got scared by a freaking raccoon in the bushes! There were two of them trying to get to the roof. I was so thrown off guard. They were cute though! 
     Everybody here always talks about and refers to Utah, so I feel like I haven't left. Haha! Those Utah mountains are life savers. We always take wrong turns and have to go around three 
loops until we get back on track... happens all the time, so I am ALWAYS turned around & never know where I am! Oh and there was a tractor on the side of the freeway and I freaked out, i was so excited! Never thought I would say that... haha! (:

But everything is amazing and I love it here! Love you all!! 

xoxo, sister jensen

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