Sunday, July 17, 2016

     Hey hey hey all friends & family! I am so happy that it is finally pday! And all day today we have napped and emailed. Best day ever. The temple is closed for cleaning, so we have to entertain ourselves...But seriously I LOVE the MTC so much. What an amazing holy place. So much has happened this past week! First off when I got dropped off my best friend, Laynie, was able to be my host! (: tender mercy. Then a couple hours after that I got to see my other best friend, Mckayla! It has been so fun all being in the MTC together and seeing each other everywhere! Makes the MTC that much better. 💗
     So 743 missionaries arrived the day I did along with 171 new mission presidents! It was AMAZING having mission presidents everywhere, Thomas S. Monson, the first presidency, and the quorum of the twelve apostles were all here the first five days I was here! It was so cool, but they wouldn't even let missionaries into their building and there were security guards everywhere! Them being here mixed everything up like our schedules and rooms! We ate in the gym, but we newbies didn't know anything different!
     Once we got here we had orientation with all the newbies and we sang Called To Serve & Army of Helaman with a gym full of missionaries, it was thee best experience... until there was a HUGE spider crawling on the railing next to me. My comps biggest fear is spiders, so thanks spider for driving out the Spirit fast. Arg.
     I have been beyond blessed with my comp, roommates, and district. My comp is my ultimate best friend now. We have so much fun together! She is from AZ and is a convert for almost 2 years now. She went to BYU so she knows like everyone here, so we have a lot of friends! She is also going to D.C. I laugh at everything anyway and then we laugh together in the worst situations! Not good, so we are working on that! My district has 8 Elders & 4 Sisters. 5 are going to D.C., 3 going to Oakland, & 4 going to Denver. I haven't been with them all day, and I miss them all so much!

     There are many more memories that have happened this week, but we mostly just sit in a classroom. We teach these investigators, some are members and some aren't, but you never know. And our two girls are like talking to a wall... so that has been fun. We are getting somewhere though! 

Love you all! Have a great week!

P.S. I love pictures, so sorry there might be a lot. (:
xoxo, sister jensen 

June 30, 2016

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