Sunday, July 17, 2016

     Hello again! Can't believe how fast time flies but at the same time it is so so slow. This week was so crazy! So... we decided that we are in acting school. All we do is role play... and I hate acting and am really bad at it. My comp just laughs at me as I role play!  And your maturity levels drops fast when you are stuck inside gates... Mormon jokes have never been so funny! Haha I just love it here, but I'm ready for D.C. I leave Wednesday morning @ 2:30 in the morning! They deprive you of sleep and then they do this. Not cool. But there are 16 of us going to D.C. together, so that's gonna be fun!
     My district and I were able to usher at 3 MTC devotionals! That was so much fun. We talked in British accents one time and everyone's reaction was priceless. For the 4th of July we had a devotional and we're able to go to the parking lot to see the Stadium of Fire fireworks. So that was awesome because the 4th of July is almost my favorite holiday! Then when we had to go to sleep you could hear the fireworks, which made me upset... The devotional was cool because they had people from all different countries walk down the stairs with their flags and we all stood up when our country was read off. Then they had us stand according to where we will be serving. I love that in one gym almost every country and language is represented and that 2000 missionaries are going to preach the gospel EVERYWHERE in the world. It was powerful and you could feel the Spirit so strong.

Guys I love this gospel more than anything and am so honored to be a missionary. I have never been so happy or laughed so hard. It was fast Sunday and my stomach growled like it had a demon in it when it was dead silent... so of course i was bent over laughing so hard and my district was also laughing and i felt so bad for disturbing the peace. Oh and one of our investigators committed to baptism! It's fake but still, we were so happy!! I have so many stories to tell. But i love you all! Much love.

xoxo, sister jensen
July 7, 2016

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